Saturday, May 1, 2010

Latin Lessons

So I have a secret, N and I have been taking Latin dance classes every Wednesday for about 6 weeks (Okay, it's not that big of a secret). Tonight was our last lesson and our instructors took us out to Melt, a lounge that has salsa nights on Wednesdays.

It was fun and scary. Our instructor's friend took me out to dance the Bachata, which I had yet to learn. So here I am moving along with a tipsy, super light, not-my-style lead, and he takes me to spin and pulls my elbow into his face. Into his nose. And he was a wimp. And maybe he covered his face and left the dance floor screaming-ish, attracting everyone's attention in the small venue. Oh continues to be embarrassing. It was his fault though. I have been led by around 10 boys now and never even stepped on anyone's foot.

N has been pretty great the whole time about learning and doing all of this dancing for me.

After he dropped me off he sent me this message:
"I'm glad I don't have a lame girlfriend that doesn't introduce me to new things"

He's the best. And not nearly as clumsy as me :)



  1. You and your "N" :) are SO cute!!!

    My boyfriend and I swing dance! It's so fun! I love it. Dancing is so challenging, but a lot of fun. Plus, you get so much more exercise than just sitting around watching movies and eating ice cream I have found! hahah.

    His text to you is darling :)

  2. aww what a cute couple, I can't picture me and my boyfriend doing dancing lessons together.

  3. that is so cute! when i come visit you guys next year in Lubbock we can go dancing...although I don't promise I wont step on toes =)
    Glad you guys are doing well in Lubbock!