Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grown Up Pants, Paint, and Underwear

I have been informed that I need to update. And I agree!
I've just realized these last couple weeks that I have so much more I want to do before I go back to school. Luckily, I've been able to see Caiti again.

We went shopping for "grown up" clothes because she got a job at DSW shoe store, and I need more pants that actually fit before I go back to windy/skirt unfriendly Lubbock. I'm still debating those 70's style flares and she'll be mad that I put up that pic ;) But we had great luck at Loft!
Then this weekend my Mom, Caitlin, and I went up to Dallas to see my cousins. My mom volunteered to paint C's room. It went from this:
C was "tired of the yellow".
Caitlin and I have a lot of fun with A and C. We got Chic-Fil-A, bought off brand 'Silly Bands', and got ice cream. Yum!
Obviously we had a lot of fun with the underwear too.


C made cheer captain later that day!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Last weekend my family + N + me went to IKEA in Roundrock. My parents needed to order their kitchen. They really liked this one we saw at our last trip in the fall:
Except with even cooler elements. I'm excited!
My sister Caitlin, N, and I all needed some stuff to furnish our (first!) apartments. I'm posing by the dressing room that I'll be installing in my second bedroom. I kid.
I wore my new Nike cross trainers because I have feet that need to be babied and if I'm walking/standing for more than 45 minutes straight I need real live arch support. I pulled out the flares, moth belt buckle (ha!), oxford, and some pearls. Shoes:Nike, Jeans: American Eagle, Shirt: Sister's, Belt: Thrifted, Necklace:gift from my aunt.

Both N and I got some great stuff. I can't wait to move in soon. I'll be sure to do before and after shots of both N and I's apartments. 
We spent the rest of the time at IKEA playing around and taking pictures:
 What's in the fridge?
  Cooking up some grub.
 Filling up our water glasses.
 Ahh. Very refreshing.
I think a lot of couples were playing the "IKEA game" long before Tom & Summer played in 500 Days of Summer.
By the end of the day, we were all a little kooky.
What do you love (or don't love) about my favorite Swedish superstore?


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


For the Fourth I joined N to visit his sister Autumn, her husband Josh, and their adorable daughter Ava at their (almost) house in Norman, Oklahoma.                                                                                           
 I wore my old lady skirt on the drive up. I felt very americana. Skirt&Belt:Thrifted $1.50, Shirt:Thrifted $2.00
Autumn let me attempt to help her make a tart. She is a marvelous chef and even has a blog about cooking called, Cooking Pink.
Check out the after shots that we ate during a Fourth of July picnic. Delicious!
There was also cream soda :)
Beautiful Ava and Autumn. Did I mention that Ava is a genius? She also informed me while pushing my hair behind my ears that "If N needs help, he'll call you." Sweet too.
Saturday the 3rd, we went to the Bricktown District in Oklahoma City. It is a really fun district with a mini river walk.
N and Ava played chase on a hill.
We had some tapas. I had really good french onion soup.
We finished off the night with fireworks.

Thanks for inviting us Josh and Autumn!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Caiti Dear

Today I went to the Pot O' Gold not the Golden Pot ;) with my friend Caiti. We've been friends since I moved to my small town in 8th grade.

I made a haul which included this hat for $1.25

I went to the addition/apartment that my parents are building behind their downtown office building to run some errands for my dad. It is moving along so well! It's going to be incredible!

A little shot of me on our cool exposed wall with an old ad. Shirt: Sister's, Dress: Sisters, Hat: Thrifted
This is just the start of my Fourth of July-ish outfits. The Fourth is probably my second favorite holiday after Christmas!

View of the loft and soon to be kitchen! 

Facing the outside, squares waiting for stained glass.        

View of where the spiral staircase would go.

 Better view of the loft

If you are annoyed by friend gushing then I suggest you stop reading now.
Caiti is probably one of the coolest girls you'll ever know because:

1. We make a mean set of "twins" on twin day- even if we don't actually look alike.

2. We have a lot of fun together (80's day and her oldest sister's '80s prom dress ;D )

3. Because she is beautiful however she does her hair/or whatever she wears.

4. And because she has great style and she is just the best friend ever :)

Love you Caiti and I'm glad we got to hang out today!