Friday, May 14, 2010

I meant to post every day during this week to continue Academichic's Dress Your Best Week, but since my week consisted of:
1) Moving out of a dorm (for forever yay!)
2) Taking one last final
3) Driving 5 hours home
4) Moving into a new rent house in the country that doesn't have any internet and only 3 tv stations
5) Going to my first day of a hybrid minimester for Speech in Waco 40 mintues away
6) Then applying for jobs at Barnes and Noble and a resale boutique
I have been extremely busy.

Yesterday (while attending class and applying) I was celebrating my jaw. It is square and big. And I used to hate it because not very many 10-12 year old girls look feminine with a jaw as big as mine, but maybe that was because I didn't know how to do my hair...oh the joys of awkward middle school!
Anyways, now I love it because I'll forever look young (no saggy jowls for me) and I think it makes me look strong.
I didn't really feel that my jaw looks "better" doing anything special. It stands out on its own.
Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft, Shirt: Old Navy, Shoes: Dillards, Necklace: Gift from Ryne & Rebekah!, Bracelet: Hairband I forgot to take off :)
This is me thinking about how to get everything I need to get accomplished done today. Plus its a close up of my jaw. And the country where there is no internet :(


Thanks to all of the sweet comments from Monday's post! It made my day.


  1. Adorable!! I love the black & white combo.

  2. In the country with no interwebs? I can't even imagine. I completely understand about your jaw. All of the things I used to hate about myself when I was younger, are now some of my favorite features. I also blame not realizing them sooner on awkward middle school hair.

  3. lovely!