Sunday, October 31, 2010


N and I were lucky enough to get tickets Friday night to see:
Fiddler on the Roof! Apparently the lead (John Preece) has performed this play over 3100 times. He was great. 

I wore an Anthropologie dress and Target riding boots. 
They held the play on Tech's campus in our old basketball gym/auditorium. During intermission we snuck into the old gymnasium part. They filmed some basketball movie I can't remember. Oh well.

N and I had so much fun and I'm glad Tech gives away free tickets. Yahoo!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Working Outfits

80+ degree October weather calls for skirts as dresses, granny belts and shoes, and wishes for fall.

Luckily the cold fronts have started to come in!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wild West

For those of you who don't live in Texas let me introduce you to Texas Country. It is an entirely separate entity from stuff from Nashville. Tons of great bands with good followings are constantly touring. Living in Lubbock (and being closed off to anything else) we get the pleasure of having several of them pass through.

N and I got tickets for The Josh Abbott Band on Saturday night:

My roommate, TJ, was going as well so we snuck some roommate pictures in. Isn't she precious?

 Our good friend A came along with us (and crept into our photos) and I met up with my beautiful girl E. Don't we look a little sisterly in this last photo?

It's always fun to go out and dance. I love to dance. Oh and I love my lace skirt I got from Target for $4. Yahoo!


N looks so handsome with his new haircut right? What a babe.

Go listen to Josh Abbott's "She's Like Texas", "Brushy Creek", and "Oh Tonight" at least. So good.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Family Visit

Last weekend my whole family came into town:

Us girls and Sam-man went to the corn maize while the boys were lucky enough to score some tickets to the Tech football game. I'm glad they all got to come.

We're a pretty darn good lookin' family, aren't we?


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stupid Things College Kids Say

The other day in the grocery store they had some gorgeous:
So I picked one up, along with a grapefruit (I was feeling a little money loaded that day,obviously, for me to get fruit and vegetables. Big spenda!)
I get to the line to check out and a 20-ish year old girl picks up the beautiful spaghetti squash and stares at it for awhile.
"I have never seen one of these before in my life."-girl
"Oh!", (WHAAAAAT? She doesn't even know its a squash?) "It's a spaghetti squash"- I politely giggle.
"Okay thanks"-girl
Then we keep on going and here comes the grapefruit. She just looks at me.
"It's a grapefruit."-me
She giggles and looks up the code to type in.

Really now? I can almost understand not knowing the squash. But you don't know what a grapefruit is?

Story 2:

I just came out of my Horticulture test. Before we began I sat in front of a football player and the girl flirting with him. They were talking about childhood sports.
"I have Child Physical Education after this. We like play games and stuff."- Flirt
"Legit. Do you get to play stuff like dodgeball?"-Footballer
"It's usually more like tag. The kids can't get pegged in the head. I love dodgeball though. Sooooo fun!"- Flirt
"Me too. I was always the kid running around and dodging the balls and sh**."- Footballer

Let me repeat that for you he was always the kid running around and dodging the balls and sh** in dodgeball. Wooooooow.

That is all.


Monday, October 18, 2010


Did you know that it is October? The weather doesn't.

I wore this dress from Target with my thrifted little kids cowgirl belt and wedges.

You can also see some sort of drawing taped onto my table that N helped me set up. I can shine a light up through it, so I don't have to go onto campus to use tracing tables. Yahoo!

I will hopefully post about my wonderful last few weekends soon. Maybe after I finish my 3 tests and 2 projects this week?


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Perfectly Mediocre

Average. Ordinary. Pedestrian. Lack-luster. Unremarkable. Middle-of-the-road. Unexceptional. Mediocre.

Story time:

Last semester I was taking a class called Watching the Suckiest Movies In The World uhm Supposed Blow Off Class Taught by Pretentious TA's Who Like to Call Movies "Films". I mean, Intro to Cinema. It was supposed to fulfill an Arts requirement. I took it because it sounded more interesting than Art History. We would watch a movie film every Monday and answer questions graded by ambitious graduate students. There were about fifteen TA's and I happened to get the future Woody Allen as mine. I would work for hours and write full paragraphs with actual sentence structure, yet the fratties that partied the night before would get a full letter grade higher than me.

It was bad, then it got worse. I declared my major and learned  I really didn't need to take the class, and if I dropped the class I would not receive a full refund.

Then it got ugly. I sent my TA an email asking what his problem was what I did not understand. Basically he said, "You didn't do anything wrong. You are just mediocre."


What a jerk. Who calls a student mediocre? When I called my parents to inform them of the fiasco, my dad basically called the TA an imbecile and said I should drop the class.

So I did.

Moral of the story? Don't call someone mediocre.

Unfortunately, I've felt pretty average lately. I've made solid B's in all of my classes that deal with design. I'm not outstanding. I'm not unique. I work hard, but it doesn't seem to matter. There's not a lot I hate more than people whining on the internet, so sorry about this. What I'm trying to say is, I just don't care anymore. Sometimes you're the greatest, and sometimes you aren't. Suck it up and move on, right? Right.

But look! This is how I feel most days after my 3 hour long drafting/freehand classes. We are learning how to use gray-scale markers, and this is my partly finished, awesomely decent, rendering. I even got some props from my sister, the family artist.

So, you are not mediocre. You just might not be the best today.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Move-ing Keys

For N and I's anniversary I got him some climbing shoes. Long story, short: they didn't fit and I received a refund. We finally figured out what the replacement item should be.
The Playstation Move! It is super fun (and seemingly much more accurate than the Wii).
It has provided many a study break already.

My friend E and I also took a study break to go to a design product expo on campus. The best part: free food!

Guess what I did? Lost my car key. It fell off my climbing hook sometime yesterday and I'm afraid it went to the heaven that neighbors Lost Socksville.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wishing for Time

When I was in high school I thought I didn't have time to do anything. I thought going to school for 8 hours a day was hard. Throw in some band practices and I was overwhelmed.

Now that I have class 5 or 6 hours of class a day, 2-6 hours of homework a night, 2-6 hours of work a day, and trying to have a life with all of my friends, there are a couple of things I would have done differently in high school. So, I have a list for everyone.

5 Things I Wish I Would Have Done In High School When I Had The Time:

1) Sew
    - One of my life goals is to become a really great seamstress. I'm actually taking lessons every Monday.
2) Train for a 10K
    - My dad ran one, and my sister is working towards one now.
3) Take dance lessons
    - I love to go dancing (we just went to Wild West this weekend). You all know that N and I took Salsa lessons last semester, and I really want to take country lessons when they offer them. Hopefully it will be on a night that N and I don't work.
4) Played a sport
    - I wish I would have done something. Stuck with tennis or played for a club soccer team or fenced or boxed or something. 
5) Worked more to make some money
    - Why didn't I work more? I could have saved up money to help pay for college.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I was able to relax and just be a kid. I also don't regret what I did or didn't do. There is just so much I want to do now, I wish I would have started to learn them in high school!

Me in high school. My friend and I ditched school a little bit to pet some mini horses that were in the parking lot. See! I did do some things!

Are there things you wish you would have done only because you used to have more time? Let me know.