Saturday, February 27, 2010

You Shall Not Pass

Behold! Hannah the Hyacinthine:
And N the Nude:
Shall not
Gandalf ain't got nothin' on us.
I found a pretty intense stick staff in the park today. Apparently Hyacinthine and Nude are some of the only colors that start with H and N. Today was beautiful, perfect for throwing the football destroying the ring of power. 
Blue skies

Intense bowstaff skills

The jump and stab.
And then N the Nude salsa-ed Rosa's deliciousness to Hannah the Hyacinthine's belly.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And Then We Had Cake

Yesterday Hales turned 19. NINETEEN. Wow.
  Our door received some lovely decorations. They will be remaining up all week because "the party is here" all week long. Or something like that.
  Her enthusiasm for the present I got her was fun. I pretty spring blouse from Forever 21 for $4 (don't tell her i'm a cheapskate) and some yellow flower clips (yellow is her favorite color).
  Hales' mom sent her a crown and some goodie bags with mini crowns for her friends. Obviously her mom is amazing.
  Joe's Crab Shack is her favorite. Half of us who went ate chicken. At least I'm not alone in my distaste for seafood.                                                                    For her birthday she had to stand up on that chair, turn around, and spell her name with her butt while we sang Happy Birthday. I love her face in this picture! Luckily, she is courageous and spelled her name with her butt very gracefully ;)

It began to snow on her birthday! Hales, friends down our hall, and I tried a jumping picture. It failed.
This is to show you how intense the scary, icy wall we climbed onto was. That is Manfriend N peaking over and Megs and I balancing precariously. 
Isn't N sweet?
And then he rights Poop in a heart. Still sweet? ;)
Then our friend J showed up. He just got done working out but he wanted to celebrate with Hales. They wore costumes for warmth?                              Apparently they were still cold. Hence the pouts. 
We also had a Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Whoever came in had to participate. See that tail over Megs right shoulder? That's mine. Seriously.  
And then we had cake :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

4 Things I've Learned

4 Things I Have Learned at Tech (so far):

4. Private colleges are not better than public ones.
        -I learn just as much at Tech as I did at Austin College. The classes, although bigger, are taught by   professors who are just as intelligent and caring about their students as AC's. Plus, we have a larger alumni circle.

3. College and my immune system are not friends.
         -Seriously. Sometimes you just gotta go to sleep. And drink a lot of Emergen-C.

2. Thou must have comfortable shoes.
        -I think it's biblical. Somewhere in Leviticus maybe? God knew how much walking us college kids would do. Arch support people!

1. You can fail a drug test by drinking too much water.
        -It's called dissolution or something. Failing a drug tests stops you from getting a job as well. FYI.



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day Part Two?

  Manfriend N and I got to celebrate Valentine's Day tonight! He got me a full set of pearls: necklace, bracelet, and earrings (he claims he got a good deal!).
  They are very delicate and they make me feel quite grown up. I didn't get a picture of my full outfit, but I wore a red silk dress that has a grecian-like feel to it. I borrowed Roomie Hay's plaid bomber jacket too.         We went out to dinner and watched the snowboarding. As Roomie Hay said the "half-pike". Hahahahaha.
  I said what I got the boys together for Valentines Day, but heres a recap. I got them each candy and nerf guns. Then I got N the set of Star Wars episodes 4-6 on DVD. It makes my gift look pretty scrawny compared to his.
I never got a picture of him with the Star Wars, just with the guns. I had so much fun seeing them play that I was late to History Discussion. So late that I had to run. So late that all of the kids who are always late were already there. So late that I had to shuffle all the way into the middle because the "late kid outside seats" were already taken. It was embarrassing, but worth it because of all the ambushes that have taken place since V-Day. :)


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Roommates and Pancakes

So I told you yesterday that I moved dorms and rooms. I was lucky to make new friends pretty quickly and even luckier to live with/next to them now!

Say is fun and silly. She lives across the hall. We painted ceramics together. Hers was for her man Kiefy. It's a bank that has a picture frame in the front. Right now there's a picture of Florida (so he can save up for that trip). Then she's going to put in a picture of a ring. ;)
Doing things that roomies do. 

Aren't they just adorable?

Roomie Hales and I went out with Manfriend N and Ky. We went dancing at Wild West. We stood in lines outside the club and everything. I just kept wondering if I was even old enough already? I made it in so I guess I am. It was so much fun and a pretty good work out too. Maybe you can tell by the sweaty picture above?

And then this last weekend I got to go home! My parents are adding on to their old downtown office and making an apartment in the back. This cool old advertisement is going to be the wall of the great room.

I was able to spend the day with my mom-apparently this was the only picture I got of her. 
I love seeing a building while its being built. It reminds me of being little. We always seemed to be building/remodeling a house.
OOh, and we got breakfast at Cafe Cappuccino. Those pancakes were both mine. Yummmm.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Moving On Up

I moved dorms! Two weeks ago my old roommate basically asked me to move out so she could have the room to herself. Sweet right? I thought if I was going to move out of the small dark rooms, I would move dorm buildings as well.                                                  Luckily my new friend Hales (Not her real name. Ha.) had a room to herself in the dorm with some of the biggest rooms/closets. So I moved in.                         This is my  side of the room before anything is done to it. I went home this weekend so I did not have a lot of time to rearrange or decorate yet. Or clean. Or at least straighten up. But hey! It's college. This is sort of what it usually looks like.
  This is Hales side. Her stuff is bright and cheery, and with the combination of our THREE windows, it is the cutest room ever.
  This is just to show you how big it is. Those are closets for each of us. There is also a sink/vanity to the right.
  This is a shot of my closet before I really organize it. I'm going to try to make everything look pretty and decorated this week, and put up some nice pictures!
I'm showing you this partially to show a little bit of Valentine's stuff, but also to show you how small my dorm was before. That was my closet, built in dresser, bed that pushed in to a day bed, then a built in 3 foot desk to the right. When the beds were pulled out, two roommates could reach across and hold hands while lying down.        This is actually Manfriend N's roommate and friend, K, but I'll call him 6'6".
For Valentine's Day I snuck in to the boys' dorm and spent  some time embarrassing decorating their door. The reactions of a hall full of boys whilst hanging hearts and "N + K = BFF" signs are quite diverse. I received several dirty looks, quite a few laughs, and a "you can decorate my door next and then leave your number". Once the boys discovered it, 6'6" threatened to take it down right then claiming my sign made them look fruity, for lack of a better term. :) I don't know what he was talking about? I guess some people might take BFF as Boyfriends Forever. Huh?               These pictures show their joint present of nerf guns. They can shoot each other when they get annoyed.

I'm going to work on posting at least twice a week. There is so much going on that I want to document!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

College Adventures

In case some of you did not know, I have been parking in Commuter West. Commuter West is about 3/4 of a mile away from my dorm. Which stinks. It is completely far away from everything. I usually take the bus to it. Ha! So imagine my joy when I get an e-mail from parking services the other day saying I can move up to only 1/4 of a mile away to the Z4 parking lot. What what?!?!

I go to move my car and sit at the light for a long time. Long enough to notice the guy next to me in his car who is also tired of waiting. Long enough so that all 3 of the other sides of the stop all go twice. Long enough for Guy In Car to hop out of his car and press the walk button on the traffic pole. Long enough for us to give thumbs up signs. Long enough for Guy In Car and I to wave happily when our light turned green.

Now this is a way to park!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Story of a Rainy Day

A story of a rainy day:

7:00 a.m.
Ah darn. Turn alarm off. Put clothes on. Check weather. 90% chance of rain? I'm too dazed to think about how to dress appropriately.
Can't find umbrella. Darn. It's in my car. Too bad it's a mile away.

7:36 a.m.
I grab my backpack and run downstairs. Wait Wait Wait.

7:38 a.m.
Really smoker guy? Move away from the public bus stop trick. Ah!! Double T bus. Thank goodness. I'm cold. 

Get on bus. It looks like this:

(Minus the fun colors and filipinos)

I stand in the front and try to grip the slippery bar. TAP TAP TAP.
"Your bag is wide open." Says guy behind me.
Seriously? Could the 10 other people at the rainy bus stop not tell me this?

Woah. Woahhhhhhhh. Ah crap. I'm falling. 
I reach out my arm to steady myself. CLUNK!
Did I just elbow the girl in the head? Absolutely. Cause why could I ride the bus without elbowing a perfect stranger in the forehead??? 

I'm finally off the bus. I then spent an hour in American Public Policy. Taught by a 24 year old Ag major. (Ask me about that some other time)

I hop on Red Raider and head back to my dorm to put on rain boots. I even get a chance to eat breakfast! Who doesn't love warm grapefruit and runny scrambled eggs?

I head into Intro to Mass Communications. We start the quiz. We have 4 current even questions. I thought I did really well but then it hits me.
"What was the main topic of President Obama's State of the Union Address?" asked Prof Dean 2 minutes earlier. I answered the economy didn't I? REALLY Hannah?! In case you didn't catch my mistake, it was health care.

11:00-Rest of the Day
I walk to two more classes. I love that it is raining and 33 degrees. Just one more degree and there could be beautiful white stuff. But as my friend Say said, "In Jamaica they call rain liquid sunshine. Doesn't that change your perspective?" 

By the end of the day I look like this:

Gotta love college!

Here are some shots of what I would rather look like:

 Doesn't that look much better?