Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This year has been one with a lot of changes and important events. So much has changed (including me)!

For your enjoyment:


This month includes my birthday. I turned 17! My parents took me and N to see the traveling King Tut exhibit. It was amazing.

Plus we had to leave directly from Dallas to Longview because my sister-in-law thought my nephew was about to be born!


I was still braving it through my second semester of my senior year. I graduated early, because I was extra ready to get going.

This is me and one of my best friends, C, decked out for 80's day.


My father and I made a weekend trip to Seattle. He had a chiropractic conference, and took me with him. I spent the day in downtown Seattle by myself. I flexed my adult skills that day and I loved it.

My dad also made a miracle happen by getting us a reservation to eat in the Needle. He called all day periodically to see if anyone canceled. It was one of the best trips ever!


I spent a lot of time with my friends, enjoying our little town before we all went our separate ways.

This is A and I before our date at Olive Garden!

If you know me, you know one of my favorite things is prom. Yes, prom. I went to three (would have been four if I hadn't graduated in 3 years) with N. Our town is small enough that the Junior/Seniors can invite underclassmen as well.

Anyways, this was my prom. I got to pick everything, including N's tux. It was just perfect!


Apparently this is my only shot with a graduation gown on. Not so flattering, but the Texas heat can do that to you.

I graduated and moved on to real life. Now I can choose to get away from the mean girls!

This summer was my absolute favorite. N and I made a trip to Austin to Barton Springs.

This picture says it all.

Summer with this cute red could be nothing less than wonderful!


The four of us (Dad, Mom, Caitlin, and I) were able to make a trip down to the Texas coast. My sister and I still have oodles and globs of fun together.


August brought a sunburned and longhaired, life-guarding N, and a cold sore ridden Hannah. It also brought along our 3rd anniversary. :)

This is me being a fish. We went to the zoo.


In September I went to Austin College. It wasn't everything I needed it to be, but these girls were.

I met two of my greatest friends. What a blessing.

Every Tuesday we took Salsa lessons. They were free, and we were amazing. Our instructor called us the Super Team!

Here's us in our salsa-ish skirts. :)


College brings all sorts of memories. Including horrible ones. After waking up at 2 in the morning, trying to go use the restroom, I get my friend to help me open the door. It wouldn't budge. Long story short, this poor policeman had to run my door down to get me out. Crushing my Mac, and starting all sorts of trips to get it fixed.



Another great college pleasure was thrift storing. My friend and I spent quite a few afternoons trying on all of the horrible mistakes that brides in the 80's chose.

<- This one fit me like a glove!

In November, I traveled out to Lubbock. I went to my first college football game (major anyways), toured the campus, and sat in on classes. I applied for Texas Tech the next week.

I never thought I would transfer, but I am so excited to see what this next semester holds!


Finally, this month has been busy with finals, and birthdays, and holidays. Good thing I always have my family!

What were the highlights of your year?


Christmas Bliss

What a lovely Christmas I had!

We had snow Christmas Eve! (can you see it?)

N's good baptist parents didn't have a corkscrew (hehe ;D ) so he had to open it in a little different manner. 

N got his grandfather's old rifle (some 30 somethin'). I've never even held one before, but don't worry. It wasn't loaded. It was heavy though!

N's lovely family had their Christmas on Christmas Eve day. His two older sisters made boeuf bourgenon (sp?). It was delicious.

N's niece flashing me a little smile while playing under the table.
Christmas Eve dinner at my house. We only had 4 of us that night. Me, Mom, Dad, and Caitlin.
My sister, Caitlin, and I practiced for our family pictures. This is my only shot of my outfit for that night unfortunately. A poofy, highwaisted skirt, tied by an even bigger bow balanced out my wide sleeved gray sweater.
My family :)
The best Christmas present ever! While I was at Austin College, I retail therapied myself into a frenzy, buying dress up clothes at the Dollar Store, and Goodwill. My parents then bought all kinds of books that matched the clothes, and my sister painted the old suitcase. It was the best dress up case ever!
My niece, Riley, and her momma opening the dress up kit. 

We thought about keeping the present for ourselves!
But good thing we didn't, or else you wouldn't be able to see the cutest pirate ever!
Me opening up N's gift. What?! He got you Star Wars legos!? You ask. No. What a let down huh? Just kidding. 
But he did get me that beautiful dress (Abercrombie) and the blazer I've been wanting for forever! (Gap). It was lovely!
N, opening up his present from me! I just threw this shot in because his hair is amazingly beautiful.
To top off my wonderful Christmas was my Dad's fun birthday. My sister and I got him a book on Hipgnosis' album artwork. We spent the day in Waco. We went to the very unhealthy, Health Camp for lunch. We saw Sherlock Holmes. Dad said it was like Bond in the 1800s, while Mom said it like Bond, except interesting ;) He also bought each of us a present for his birthday. He is pretty awesome! Happy 46th Birthday!
I hope all of your Christmases were blessed as well!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Large Hobo

The Christmas season has always been my favorite. My mom's birthday, Jesus' birthday, and my dad's birthday are all in the same week. This means lots of celebrations, and gifts, and family. It also means that I would rather spend time enjoying all of it instead of writing about it ;)

Yesterday, my mom turned 45. Yes, that beautiful, funny woman to the left is older than 30!

My sister got her a purse this year (taking over my now assigned present of getting Mom a new purse for her birthday every year). On the receipt it said that my sister purchased a "large hobo". Hehe. So apparently that is my mom's version of a "large hobo's" face?

I'm posting this picture to show that I am not spending my days reading and playing Nancy Drew computer games in sweats. I'm doing those things in comfy, colorful layers instead.

Plus, N is my favorite! It's so nice to be able to say hi everyday and give him a hug.

I would just like to inform you that today, December 23, it was 75 degrees outside. Really. So my dog, Mattie, and I took our highwaisted skirts and t-shirts outside to play.

It was beautiful, just not Christmas-y enough for my liking.

I really liked the little orange ruffle peaking out of my faded blue v-neck. I also stole this necklace of my mom's to wear today. She's had it forever and the colors were just perfect.

I hope all of you are enjoying your Christmas and holiday season as well!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm Twoooo!

Is what my adorable little niece, Riley, informed me of when I attended her birthday this weekend. It is also why it's been a week since I've posted anything.

Would you post if your weekend consisted of this?

A new bike!

Sharing her bike and kissing her brother :)

No words are needed.

Sam is pretty much the coolest kid. So cool, he chills with his hands in his pockets.

Rockin out with her daddy!

Samuel throwing the "snowballs" that Grandma and I made for Riley's birthday!

Yes. He really is that cool. And that happy!

Merry Christmas!!

They also happened to visit me earlier today, so I couldn't blog. And N and my sister both came home yesterday. So basically I have a ton of excuses. :)

I even tried the belted scarf look that is all over other bloggers pages, but the only shot of fashion is Sammy-boy in his hat.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home-Run For Life!

Today was my first full day of Christmas break. This is what I did today:

1. Watched the season marathon of Top Chef: Las Vegas and oh buddy was it good! Natalie Portman was a guest judge in one of the episodes and reminded me why I love her. She is beautiful, and charming, and super funny.

2. Watched Say Yes to the Dress. Who doesn't love girls trying on wedding dresses for 30 minutes straight?

3. Wrapped presents for my sister, my mom, and N. Now they can't snoop!

4. Rode my mom's classic, red, Schwinn bike in the backyard.

I raided my parent's closet. My mom has had those boots for as long as I've been alive (she's ahead of the trends ;D). I stole my dad's thick woolen socks, as well as his letterman jacket from high school. One of their cheers, "Niwot backwards spells TO WIN!!". Hehehe. I was nice and cozy for my chilly ride.

All in all it was a home-run for life! (Quote courtesy of Chelsea Handler)


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The End

I packed up everything in my room today.

I will not miss my teeny little bed.

However, I was blessed with a large closet for a dorm room :)

I checked off my last night.

I have one more final tomorrow then I'm going to say my goodbyes. I was surprised how bittersweet it was to hand over my key to my dorm.

Luckily, I get to spend the night with my friend, R, in a cozy, quiet hotel room! One last night together before I leave :)


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Princesses and Middle School Dances

Between preparing for finals (French and Anthropology this week!) and visiting my Aunt and Uncle in DFW, I have not been very consistent in blogging. Oops! :)

I am lucky enough to live within an hour and a half of my Aunt J. My mother's sister. A few weeks ago I traveled to their house to do my 15 year old cousin's hair and makeup for her winter formal.

Doesn't she look like the epitome of a beautiful 15 year old?

Then C, A's little sister, asked if I would come do her hair and makeup for her 7th grade winter dance. They also bribed me with a pre-screening of The Princess and the Frog. Free food, family, princes, and middle school dances? How could I refuse?

My Uncle M. took me and C to see the new Disney princess movie at a movie theatre where you can order food while you watch. It was so much fun. I was laughing the whole time!

It was funny and beautiful and sweet just like all the other princess movies! One of my new favorite characters of all time now is Charlotte (in the pink dress at the bottom). She was hilarious!

Here is the beautiful young lady, C, getting ready for her dance:

Can you believe she is 12 years old?

It's hard doing a 12 year olds hair and makeup. She is at that age where girls think thick black eyeliner and globs of mascara are what makes a girl cool. Her mom doesn't let her wear anything. I tried to make a happy medium with some sparkly sheer purple eyeshadow, mascara, and some rasberry lipgloss.

Looking lovely in her outfit! She made the black velvet and a darling little Prada pouch look gorgeous. 

C said her dance was fun and everyone loved her big curls and the pretty black feather clip that pinned her hair back.

It is so nice to have such beautiful girls that I can call my cousins. It is also flattering that they like for me to do their hair and makeup, since I think I am lacking in both of those fields. Haha. 

 Pray for my finals.