Saturday, May 15, 2010

Old McDonald Had A Farm

Day 3 (for me) of Dress Your Best week was my waist. My middle is pretty little and I like it. <- Good song lyrics right?

To emphasize this little middle I thought I would wear the vintage dress I won from a giveaway on Kendi's blog that was sponsored by the vintage shop on Etsy, Finders Keepers. Thanks to both of them! I had to wait to wear it because I sent it home instead of to my dorm in Lubbock.

This is Bingo. That is his name-o.
I loved the color and I got lots of compliments. Bingo liked my leg.



  1. Yay! Love winning giveaways, and that dress is such a great thing to win!! You look great.

    Bingo's a cutie too! :-)

  2. that's such a lovely dress and it looks beautiful on you! and i like bingo! :)

  3. That dress is fab. What a great win! Also, you have a goat? Named bingo? AMAZING.

  4. You look stunning in the dress! It looks so perfect on you!

  5. That is such gorgeous dress! Love the colour

  6. What a beautiful dress! That color is very flattering on you. And how cute is that Bingo, love the last pic of him nuzzling your leg.