Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today was a good day. We woke up and went to two museums: The Prado Museaum and the Treaina Sofia/ Modern Art museum. The Prado had all of the old paintings until the 18th century. Lots of kings and queens paintings. Reina Sofia and 19th century and up. Picasso, etc. I liked the Prado a lot mroe.

There were also local elections in Madrid that day. There had been lots of protests throughout the last few weeks because the unemployment rate was 20% and people don't want to see their leaders spending extensively on luxury. The conservative party won.

Later on today we went to the Gran Via area and I ate Tortilla Espana with a few girls and drank delicious sangria. Whoever wanted to join could watch a flamenco dancer group as well. Twenty five of us went to the show. The women's costumes were so cool: lots of ruffles and polka dots.

Then the male dancer came out in his suit and ascot and was moving so quickly and intensely. He was not very handsome and he wore eyeliner. All of the old women that were there were cheering though and all of us young girls couldn't stop laughing. Right at the end of his first dance he struck his pose and pointed right at me. He stared me down with his intense, "sexy eyes". Everyone could not stop laughing and saying that it was my bachelorette party since I was wearing my new white dress that I bought in Paris from a store called All Saints. Overall, it was such a funny day. 

On the way to the Prado Museum

The Reina Sofia

Some of the newer part of the modern art museum

Up close and personal with Picasso

And a hideous Salvador Dali...ew

A bright courtyard in Madrid

A voting center

Me before the Flamenco dancers. The best Sangria of the trip.

Some of the dancers

My man who fell in love with me

Me and some of my coworkers who happened to be on the trip with me

Just a little posing fun earlier in the day

I'm slowly getting there guys. Soon you'll get to hear about exciting things like the crappy queso I attempted to make and how bad I am at math. Get excited.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today we flew to Madrid. Most exciting thing that happened was I thought I left my camera and my new memory card at the airport. But it was just under my plane seat. 

We got on a nice bus and toured Spain's royal palace which was so cool. It had thousands of rooms and we only saw about 30. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed on the inside. Then we went to the Alumdena Cathedral which was beautiful and the stained glass was so modern. After that we just came to the hotel and napped. We are staying at the Gran Atlanta Hotel.

We ate tapas during the day. Then at night I got dressed up and went out with Chantal, Alexa, Taylor, and Alex. We went to TFIFridays, which was ridiculous but delicious. We were all just completely ready to eat something fried. 

The PDA we saw everywhere we traveled in Europe.

Some beautiful statue in green Madrid.

Spanish royal palace

Our fun tour guide

The palace

The palace

It was blindingly white

the Alumdena Cathedral

So modern


The updated way of lighting a candle. Put a coin in, it flickers for a second so you can tell, then stays lit until the end of the night.

Being goofy. And tired.

Beautiful fountains everywhere

Columbus statue

In the Spring, Madrid ships in new flowers every month!

Going out to TGIFridays

In case you want to look up the hotel ;)


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

    Today we slept in until 8:30 ish and then went to an appointment with a buying house called MP Select. She consults with big brands and c0mpanies to help them know up and coming designers, start online stores, create a brand, etc. It was the most enjoyable and informative out of all the appointments.
    Afterwards we all went to the Louvre. We only got one hour to look around. I did get to see the Mona Lisa but that was about it. My memory card was full by then as well. First world problems eh? Then Dr. Fowler finally loosened up and let us go on our own. Chantal and I ate at a street cafe overlooking the Seine. She had a caesar salad which tasted nothing like a normal caesar salad and it was gross. I ordered something that was very very French. It had cheese and bread and lots of other things. 
    Then we strolled to Notre Dame. I lit another candle for Uncle Todd because today was his memorial service. I'm sad I couldn't be with everyone in Colorado. After we stared in awe at the church, I walked around with my friends Heather and Suzanne since Chantal was tired. We even went on the little bridge where couples write their names on locks and padlock them to the bridge. They will be in love forever. So sweet.
I uploaded my pictures from my phone. This is me on top of the Eiffel Tower.

Me and my man in the Louvre.

Chantal and I's meal by the Seine. I loved all of the l'eau natural (i.e. tap water) that was brought to us in all sorts of decanters, old wine bottles, large capped bottles, etc.

Candle for Todd.

The inside of Notre Dame

It was such a beautiful, easy day.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

See? Better already.

Thursday, May 19, 2011
Today we went to the city and palace of Versailles. The most beautiful place in the world. The palace was ornate and stunning. The gardens were my favorite, but we only got to spend a little time there. I would love to go back with N someday.
     Then we drove back in to Paris on our charter bus and met witha  fashion stylist, Nadine. We split into two groups and it was a fiasco. Everyone got mad that we looked like tourists and we were going into places like Dior and Chanel. The other group even got accused of stealing. Then three girls from our group decided to make all the decisions and tell Dr. Fowler what they wanted to do and she just let them. Everyone had to wait on the girls, follow them around, and all of us got frustrated.
     We did get to go to Le Galluries Lafayette, a nice bazaar style departement store in Paris. I even tried on a 295 euro Eres bathing suit. It was beautiful.
      After we all finally met up (both groups) we walked along the Champs Elysees and ate/shopped. Chantal made awkward eye contact with a British man that looked like Carrot Top and he came over to wear we were sitting on the bench and asked if she needed something. She just told him that she liked his hair. Ha!
    After that whoever was tired could go home, but the rest of us went to a pretty bridge to get a good view of the Eiffel Tower at night. We watched the sun set and saw the tower when it first lit up. Every 30 minutes the lights would sparkle for 5 minutes. It was stunning. An even smaller group of us girls wanted to walk to the base. It was only 6,60 euros to ride the elevator up since we were under 25. The structure was overwhelming. So majestic. I was in awe the whole time. It felt like a fairy tale. The night was a little breezy but felt so good looking out over the city of Paris. Romantic and exhilarating and calming and dream building all at the same time.
     We rode the metro back to our little hotel (barely making the train before it shuts down at midnight). So far I think it has been the best day.
      I forgot to write about the rebellion at Versailles. All of the tour guides and guards of the rooms let everyone take pictures (usually you can take none) because there is a bug cumbersome exhibit the director of the museum put on that is making Versaille WAY to crowded. The tour guides were upset because they felt that they couldn't give proper tours this way. They were even going to go on strike on the 31st. Crazy.

Walking into Versailles. The cobblestones were uneven.

The hall of mirrors!

This is how it looked like everywhere.

Marie Antoinette's bed. Seriously.

Some of the girls in the gardens.

I could have spent days here.

It was such a beautiful day.

It was blindingly bright.

The first view of it lighting up.

Then it sparkled!

One last picture before my camera died. Just real memories at this point on.
    Such a beautiful day.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Wednesday May 18

I am so bad at writing. I need to finish my Europe trip. I promise to get it done in these next two weeks. After this, I can actually update you on my normal life.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
      Today we woke up at 4:30 am to cath the EuroRail from Paris to London. The train was very smooth. I like traveling that way. We went under the English Channel so technicially we took the "chunnel". My ears kept popping like they do on an airplane.  The French countryside was beautiful with all the little villages but it was surprising to see things like the power lines. I don't know why I thought it would be more rural than it was, but I just assumed. Silly me. 
       We went straight to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard. It took two hours and it was not that exciting. Chantal got sick in the crowd. We had to push through tons of people  to get to a grassy area for her to throw up. She actually threw up in her mouth and had to hold it in so she didn't chuck on everyone. Poor, poor Chantal. 
        Then we went straight to Westminster Abbey. We went to mass in this little wooden paneled room and it was crazy beautiful. We even got to take communion. So beautiful and meaningful. The funny part that happened was the two priests passed around the bread first and then the wine. Except the bread priest came by me twice. I tried to motion that I had already had "the body", but  he didn't realize and so I took the body twice. I guess I was extra blessed that day. 
       Afterwards, we took the tube (subway) to Harrods and Oxford Street. It is crazy huge. I ate delicious vegetable brothy soup and bought a green silk skirt at Topshop. We also stopped at a little leather glove shop and I bought a pair of forest green leather driving gloves.
       The tube ride back to the chunnel was so incredibly crowded and hot and overwhelming. We moved two inches at a time and were almost ate to catch or EuroRail back to Paris. We made it though and passed out in our little room after eating cherries in bed.

EuroTrain station in Paris

French countryside

The only one awake in the dark chunnel. What to do? Take self portraits naturally.

Chantal and I outside Buckingham Palace.

The parade. This was about 1/8 of the crowd that eventually made it there.

Some of the girls on the trip.

They were neat for 10 minutes, but Clifton High School has better marching.

The rich people street right by Buckingham Palace. There's a huuuuuge park on the left that is beautiful. This is also the route that Will and Kate took to Westminster.

My dream house when I move to London someday.

Me in front of Westminster.

Couldn't miss this photo op.

Might have been the best meal of the trip. Vegetable soup at Harrod's Department Store.

Some pictures I stole from some of the girls. Someone captioned this one "Spice World". Haha.

One more picture. We were waiting for the group. Unfortunately, my camera battery died after Westminster, so there are no pictures of Harrods, or Oxford Street. I guess I'll just have to go back. Darn.

I promise to be better about finishing this information. I know there are a few of you who read it who would love to see exactly what I did.

But for now I need to change and head to dinner with my friend Heather.