Monday, May 10, 2010

mEye favorite!

Yesterday I mentioned that my Mom (and Dad!) did a wonderful job of instilling good sense of self worth and good body image in me. So I was very excited that the lovely ladies of Academichic suggested that other bloggers participate in a week of dressing their best attributes. In this post they fully explain Dress Your Best Week. I picked 5 physical attributes that I like about myself, and this week I will be posting the ways I am accentuating these favorites.

Today I dressed my best for my eyes!
 My eyes are blue, sometimes grey, so I paired both of those colors to match.
I thought a little photoshoot in my (mostly) packed dorm room was appropriate since I leave TOMORROW!
This color blue is my favorite. Shirt: Target, Jeans: Forever 21, Shoes: Thrifted, Belt: Thrifted.
My eyes are unique and beautiful. They are the topic of the most compliments I receive from anybody. They help me read, drive, paint my nails, see cracks in the sidewalks, and view God's beautiful creation.

Thanks to Academichic for creating such a neat way to celebrate positive body image.



  1. That shade of blue really does bring out your eyes, and it looks great with your complexion.

  2. that's such a great idea! and you do have very pretty eyes! :) lovely photos!

  3. Good for you for participating in Academichic's challenge :-) Look forward to seeing what you do the rest of the week.

    The blue shirt really is fabulous on you!

  4. they're pretty eyes indeed! and the color of your top really accentuated it :)

  5. HELLO!! Blue is definitely your color you are so right. And I adore your outlook. I swear, if we as women started to Love and accept ourselves with the fraction of the effort we put into our self criticism, we'd all be happy!! Lovely blog.

    PS My giveaway ends tonight! Come check it out ;)

  6. and yes you have very pretty eyes =) I'm so glad I found your blog and very encouraging to find another Jesus' loving fashionista. =) God bless!

  7. You eyes ARE beautiful and this shirt is such a great way to highlight them!

  8. Oh!! You look so beautiful!! :) pretty nice! Cool style!!! Are you studing any fashion career? You have great fashion taste!!! :)



  9. :) Yeah! is amazing hehe I can't believe how easy and creative Polyvore is :)

    Your profession is so cool!! I'm a graphic designer, I enjoy it but... few months ago I'm thinking about explore another kind of design... like fashion or spaces... Thanks fo coming to my blog :)