Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bowling With My Boys

Sunday night I was invited out with the boys to go bowling. I am usually the only girl and that means I'm the best. Right?
One of the only full pictures of me. I'm grinnin like a mad person cause I won!
There was lots of ridiculous posing. And celebratory dancing.
And forced decent pictures with me.
And some "after the roll" shots.

Sorry for the pictures laden post. I just like them a lot.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

College Outfits

Non-lazy college girl outfits worn to work/school this week:
Dress:Abercrombie & Fitch, Cardigan:American Eagle
Capris: Ann Taylor Loft, Ruffled Plaid Shirt: Gap, Brogues: Kmart (yep!)
Shirt: Gap, Awesome belt: Thrifted, Distressed jeans: Ann Taylor Loft ($5!)

I just realized that you all are slowly getting to see my apartment. I've had a crazy busy week but it has been so much fun. I owe you all a post about my actual life right now- my major, my job, what my room looks like, etc. I haven't forgotten!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Week Back

Just wanted to share a couple of snippets from my crazy week (Moved in, got sick, interviewed, got a job, worked a full day, helped new friends move in, had our anniversary...)

K's parents' puppy stayed at N & K's apartment the first night. She fell asleep watching their 50 inch plasma TV that they received as a housewarming present from K's parents. They basically have a TV and nothing else. Boys.
N got me "feel better" flowers and we had Dominoes pizza too. Yum!
My roommate TJ borrowed one of my favorite blue dresses to go dancing one night. And N's roommate K wanted to get some new "going out" shirts. I had to take the picture as quickly as possible before one of the boys stole it away. Can you tell E & N are making fun of K?

I'm still working on doing a post about my apartment. Can't wait to show you all!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

4 Years

I just wanted to whip up a quick post to tell all of you that N and I have been dating four years today! Man, I am one lucky girl!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Interview Outfit Choice

I have a job interview at a consignment store tomorrow and I need some votes about which outfit to wear:

Option 1: Silk printed skirt and denim engineer striped shirt
Option 2: Lace top and high-waisted skirt, belted.
Option 3: Cotton ruffle dress and biggest granny belt ever ("It looks medieval"-N) with wedges

It is a pretty casual/trendy place so I don't have to be too overdressed. Sorry about the PhotoBooth pictures, but as you can see I made it to my first apartment and I'm back in Lubbock. I'll be getting a post up soon about moving back to college.

So vote now :)


Monday, August 9, 2010

College Freshmen Tips

I haven't really done a college post this summer but since I move back on Sunday (!) I thought I would share a few tips for incoming Freshman out there.

1. Do not move all of your clothes in at once. You will have limited dorm closet space.
 Examples: First, I had all of this and then the other half where the door starts. College dorm closet nirvana.
 Dorm closet two seems large, but looks can be deceiving. It was deep but not wide so even double up closet extenders that hang down didn't actually fit :(
Please excuse the boys. I just wanted to show my other closet size before I moved (yes, 3 dorms in a year). It was that small. The whole thing.

See what I mean? Don't bring everything at once.

2. Try new things. Meet new people. "Don't hang out with the same few people at first."-sister Caitlin.
At Worst College Ever (Austin College in Sherman, Texas) I found several groups of friends. I had my French class friends, my roomie friends, my Wolfpack ;), and several others. Above, one of my Wolfpack and I tried Salsa lessons. New, exciting, and different all in one!

3. "Don't go into college thinking 'I have to get a boyfriend right away.' " -sister Caitlin. Also, don't go into college thinking too much about your relationship status at all. If it is supposed to work out it will. If it isn't, then God will help you grow and change and be okay with it.
Example: N and I when I visited him at Tech.

4. So you've tried new things and packed lightly and didn't over think relationships. Now you can allow yourself to accept when something is or isn't right for you. Like your major, or your relationship, or your college in general.
Walking across campus at AC, which turned out to be the complete wrong school for me.
Happily attending a Tech game, decked out in school spirit with my best friend.

So there you have it. Way more practical than "bring x-long twin sheets".


Saturday, August 7, 2010

SD to TX

Last week mine and Caitlin's old friend from elementary school, Mallory, braved the heat and came down from good ol' Alcester, South Dakota.
N, Caitlin, and I woke up early Thursday morning to pick her up at DFW. We were late but successful!
We had around 7 hours to kill before the Ranger's game. After eating delicious Mexican at Chuy's (is Chuy's actually classified as Mexican food?) we spent part of the day at the mall. Mal and Caitlin goofing off in tents, me showing my Raider pride, and N resting in the amazing full body massage chair in Brookstone.
 Here's a shot of the monstrosity that is the new Cowboy's stadium for those who care. Mal soon found out that yes, everything is bigger in Texas.
N found us all great (cheap!) seats in the first and second rows right next to the home bull pen (where pitchers warm up for those of you who were in the marching band like me).
The rest are Caitlin's photos because they are pretty :)
Thanks for visiting Mal!


Please ignore how sweaty and gross I look. It is Texas. In the summer. 'Nough said.