Tuesday, December 1, 2009


When I left for Thanksgiving break last week, I decided to bring as much home as possible. I packed up all of my closet (which is actually fairly big) and my dresser (which was packed full), took home all of my shoes, ironing board, tennis racket, etc. Since I knew I only had less than 2 weeks left of school after the break, I only brought back a drawer full of clothes and 4 pairs of shoes. It's been fun putting clothes together except I forgot a belt. It's getting cold and I need to belt my layers. Oh well. I'm rambling. 

So in contrast to my empty room, I have decided to share a few things I have learned during my first semester at college and away from home. I also want to continually write about things I learn. I never want to be so sure of my own self that I am not amazed by the people, creatures, and things God has created. 

5 Things I Have Learned (In My First Semester Of College):

1. I have the greatest family in the world.
             -This is what everyone says, but they just don't get it. My family is legitimately the best. They are relaxed and fun and diverse. I don't have crazy psycho parents who will only love me if I go pre-med or psych major, etc. I thought parents like that only existed in the fictional world of television, but I was proven wrong. Other peoples' parents are weird. (I guess that's another thing I've learned. Haha.)

2. Gas costs money
             -A lot of money. Grr.

3. I have the ability to do crap that I don't want to do for long periods of time.
             -This includes toughing it out while being unhappy with almost everything about where I am living and going to school. My relationship and prayer life has grown immensely. 

4. College kids who drink underage don't do it to have fun; they do it to mask all sorts of problems they deal with.
             -I made the unfortunate mistake of attending a huge party which I thought was going to be more dancing than drinking. Instead, everyone was plastered by 10:30 and it was the saddest thing I have ever seen. No one was dancing or having fun. It was musty and sticky and I could just see all of the kids that were going to make poor choices later on. It was the worst thing I have ever seen.

5. I like to do things by myself.
             -I like to go out to dinner. I like to see movies. I like to go to Goodwill. I like to spend hours in Barnes and Noble. And I have learned that I enjoy doing all of this by myself! 

What do you remember learning your first semester away from home?


Here's a picture to liven up this post

I also learned how to make a craft. 
Ceramic Pot $4 at Michaels
Ribbon $2.50, Michaels
Cut out leaves, courtesy of my sister
Spray paint, courtesy of my mom (because spray paint is another thing a minor can't buy now!)

I spray painted the pot, some little branches, and paper leaves. We used the leaves as nameplates then everyone wrote what they were thankful for and hung them on the tree. I wish I had a better pre-lunch, non-blurry picture to show, because I really like how it turned out!


  1. A few things I learned:

    - roommates can be crazy
    - the library is my best friend
    - there are a lot of cute boys, but check for the wedding ring
    - sometimes being away from home can be hard

  2. These are all very true things! Thanks for sharing :)