Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This year has been one with a lot of changes and important events. So much has changed (including me)!

For your enjoyment:


This month includes my birthday. I turned 17! My parents took me and N to see the traveling King Tut exhibit. It was amazing.

Plus we had to leave directly from Dallas to Longview because my sister-in-law thought my nephew was about to be born!


I was still braving it through my second semester of my senior year. I graduated early, because I was extra ready to get going.

This is me and one of my best friends, C, decked out for 80's day.


My father and I made a weekend trip to Seattle. He had a chiropractic conference, and took me with him. I spent the day in downtown Seattle by myself. I flexed my adult skills that day and I loved it.

My dad also made a miracle happen by getting us a reservation to eat in the Needle. He called all day periodically to see if anyone canceled. It was one of the best trips ever!


I spent a lot of time with my friends, enjoying our little town before we all went our separate ways.

This is A and I before our date at Olive Garden!

If you know me, you know one of my favorite things is prom. Yes, prom. I went to three (would have been four if I hadn't graduated in 3 years) with N. Our town is small enough that the Junior/Seniors can invite underclassmen as well.

Anyways, this was my prom. I got to pick everything, including N's tux. It was just perfect!


Apparently this is my only shot with a graduation gown on. Not so flattering, but the Texas heat can do that to you.

I graduated and moved on to real life. Now I can choose to get away from the mean girls!

This summer was my absolute favorite. N and I made a trip to Austin to Barton Springs.

This picture says it all.

Summer with this cute red could be nothing less than wonderful!


The four of us (Dad, Mom, Caitlin, and I) were able to make a trip down to the Texas coast. My sister and I still have oodles and globs of fun together.


August brought a sunburned and longhaired, life-guarding N, and a cold sore ridden Hannah. It also brought along our 3rd anniversary. :)

This is me being a fish. We went to the zoo.


In September I went to Austin College. It wasn't everything I needed it to be, but these girls were.

I met two of my greatest friends. What a blessing.

Every Tuesday we took Salsa lessons. They were free, and we were amazing. Our instructor called us the Super Team!

Here's us in our salsa-ish skirts. :)


College brings all sorts of memories. Including horrible ones. After waking up at 2 in the morning, trying to go use the restroom, I get my friend to help me open the door. It wouldn't budge. Long story short, this poor policeman had to run my door down to get me out. Crushing my Mac, and starting all sorts of trips to get it fixed.



Another great college pleasure was thrift storing. My friend and I spent quite a few afternoons trying on all of the horrible mistakes that brides in the 80's chose.

<- This one fit me like a glove!

In November, I traveled out to Lubbock. I went to my first college football game (major anyways), toured the campus, and sat in on classes. I applied for Texas Tech the next week.

I never thought I would transfer, but I am so excited to see what this next semester holds!


Finally, this month has been busy with finals, and birthdays, and holidays. Good thing I always have my family!

What were the highlights of your year?



  1. 2009 for u looks like so much fun! happy new year :)


  2. That picture of your college dorm and the police man made me laugh so hard! All the specs in the air, the way he is kneeling on the floor, all the girls in the hall! Such Chaos! So college! Captured perfectly! How funny! Sorry about your mac, but so stinkin funny!

  3. I'm glad I still have "oodles and globs" of fun with you or whatever you said - I love you sisser!