Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home-Run For Life!

Today was my first full day of Christmas break. This is what I did today:

1. Watched the season marathon of Top Chef: Las Vegas and oh buddy was it good! Natalie Portman was a guest judge in one of the episodes and reminded me why I love her. She is beautiful, and charming, and super funny.

2. Watched Say Yes to the Dress. Who doesn't love girls trying on wedding dresses for 30 minutes straight?

3. Wrapped presents for my sister, my mom, and N. Now they can't snoop!

4. Rode my mom's classic, red, Schwinn bike in the backyard.

I raided my parent's closet. My mom has had those boots for as long as I've been alive (she's ahead of the trends ;D). I stole my dad's thick woolen socks, as well as his letterman jacket from high school. One of their cheers, "Niwot backwards spells TO WIN!!". Hehehe. I was nice and cozy for my chilly ride.

All in all it was a home-run for life! (Quote courtesy of Chelsea Handler)



  1. You wore those boots? What did mom say about that?

  2. Glad you are home safely. Love the bike!

  3. YAY for christmas break!!! enjoy it!!!

  4. sounds lovely - exactly how a relaxing day should be spent!

  5. Oh I miss Christmas breaks! Enjoy!! :)


    P.S. Great boots! Don't you love it when your have cool dressing parents.