Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Bliss

What a lovely Christmas I had!

We had snow Christmas Eve! (can you see it?)

N's good baptist parents didn't have a corkscrew (hehe ;D ) so he had to open it in a little different manner. 

N got his grandfather's old rifle (some 30 somethin'). I've never even held one before, but don't worry. It wasn't loaded. It was heavy though!

N's lovely family had their Christmas on Christmas Eve day. His two older sisters made boeuf bourgenon (sp?). It was delicious.

N's niece flashing me a little smile while playing under the table.
Christmas Eve dinner at my house. We only had 4 of us that night. Me, Mom, Dad, and Caitlin.
My sister, Caitlin, and I practiced for our family pictures. This is my only shot of my outfit for that night unfortunately. A poofy, highwaisted skirt, tied by an even bigger bow balanced out my wide sleeved gray sweater.
My family :)
The best Christmas present ever! While I was at Austin College, I retail therapied myself into a frenzy, buying dress up clothes at the Dollar Store, and Goodwill. My parents then bought all kinds of books that matched the clothes, and my sister painted the old suitcase. It was the best dress up case ever!
My niece, Riley, and her momma opening the dress up kit. 

We thought about keeping the present for ourselves!
But good thing we didn't, or else you wouldn't be able to see the cutest pirate ever!
Me opening up N's gift. What?! He got you Star Wars legos!? You ask. No. What a let down huh? Just kidding. 
But he did get me that beautiful dress (Abercrombie) and the blazer I've been wanting for forever! (Gap). It was lovely!
N, opening up his present from me! I just threw this shot in because his hair is amazingly beautiful.
To top off my wonderful Christmas was my Dad's fun birthday. My sister and I got him a book on Hipgnosis' album artwork. We spent the day in Waco. We went to the very unhealthy, Health Camp for lunch. We saw Sherlock Holmes. Dad said it was like Bond in the 1800s, while Mom said it like Bond, except interesting ;) He also bought each of us a present for his birthday. He is pretty awesome! Happy 46th Birthday!
I hope all of your Christmases were blessed as well!


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  1. Hannah,

    I LOVE this post. What a great way to recap the year.

    Love and miss you already,