Monday, November 30, 2009


Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! I obviously would rather spend a whole relaxing weekend at home doing absolutely nothing, including blogging, so I am catching up.

I wanted to share what I am most thankful for:

My family:

 Mom and I. See any resemblance?

                     Dad, Mom, and I at my birthday dinner last year (17).
Wow I look different already.

When Dad took me to Seattle with him! We were both extremely tired. We're on the L train (I think) and going through Settle at night. It looked like Gotham.

Me, my sister, and my nephew Sam

My niece cheesin it up
My brother and sister-in-law

They are all my greatest friends and the people I love being with the most.

2.My boyfriend, N
(I know most of you reading my blog know who N is but since he does not have a blog sharing his life story for the whole world to see, I will keep his name to myself. Lol)

We've obviously been dating a long time ;D

 Our first prom. I still love that blue dress.

 He is pretty fun

And my best friend!

That is what I am thankful for!

Wish me luck on finals week!


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  1. Hannah,
    I am thankful for you too. I have had such a great time these past few weeks. Getting to see you so often will spoil a girl. Oh and good luck on finals week!