Saturday, January 2, 2010


Welcome to the new year and new decade. It is weird to think that I am a child of the 00's. What is our generation even called? Generation Flannel and No-Pants? I always wanted to be a part of The Greatest Generation. The style, and patriotism, and determination. Who knows what this next decade will bring though?

I decided for 2010, I will have 10 resolutions. Apparently, they are more like goals though (according to N).

10 Resolutions (i.e. Goals) For 2010:
1. Eat a fruit or vegetable at every meal
My mom suggested this one. She said "it's all about the little changes". 

2. Buy only at thrift/resale stores (except for 2 items at regualar stores a month) this semester at Tech.
Does that make sense? I want to keep my retail therapy in check. Plus, I'll become more creative. I think.

3. Think one nice thing about every person I see/think about.
I love to people watch, but I feel like I make snap judgments, which are sometimes unkind. So, for each person I think about (even the old cowboy with the handle bar mustache that holds the door for me at Chuy's or the girl from high school that never liked me) I am determined to think at least one nice thing about him/her. I would love to learn how to curb my negative thoughts altogether. 

4. Sew a dress.
I've only ever sewed a pillow. In my sophmore Personal & Family Development class (Home Ec). It was pre-cut and everything. But my two peas-in-a-pod pillow was way cool and now sits in my almost 20 year old boyfriends dorm room (Yes. He is that nice to me!) All of that to say, I want need to learn how to sew!

5. Do a layup with the proficiency and ability of a middle schooler.
I just don't want to embarrass myself in front of N's friends with my inadequate ballin' skills. All I can do is shoot from the outside. If you ask me to dribble and move and shoot at the same time? Fail. 

6. DIY something. 
Something cool. Ideas anyone?

7. Shoot a gun at least twice.
I'm not a big gun person, but I want to try. I want to try twice because I am fairly sure that I will be terrified. I want to push myself to try new things. Plus N got this really pretty looking old rifle that was his grandfathers, so I want to pretend I'm cool enough to shoot it. Hehe.

8. Go to two new Texas town's on day trips.
Texas is a big state in case you didn't realize ;) It has so many cool places I have never been. I heard about a certain thrift store in Houston that boasts of the largest selection of vintage cowboy boots in the state. All under $50! Yes please!

9. Run a mile under 6 minutes.
Cliche resolution? Maybe. Important to me? Yes.

10. I'm still deciding. What are your goals this year?

I hope that all of you can be this cool and adorable in 2010!

Blessings on your new year!



  1. I have a suggestion for the 'nice' thought about a mean girl in high school. How about, "It is so nice that I get to go through a whole school day without seeing her ugly mug." Would that count? I mean it even has the word 'nice' in it! (Reminds me of the part in Fiddler on the Roof where they ask the Rabbi if there is a blessing they can say for the Tzar and the Rabbi replies, "God bless the Tzar, and keep him far away from here.")
    Best of luck with all of your resolugoals. Let me know how that layup works out, maybe you can teach me.

  2. You are such a sweet girl! These resolutions are not only attainable but will make you feel so much better and expose you to so many new things! Skills and practices that you will want to carry on for the rest of your life! It sounds so weird to me that you are a child of the 00s. Like they are already over!! (well. . . they are!!) who knows what this decade will hold, but one thing is for sure, You resolutions will make it a fabulous one for you! keep at it and let the blog world support you!

  3. wow these are some great goals for yourself. I don't if shoot a gun twice would be on my but hehe whatever floats your boat right? Have fun and cheers to 2010

  4. Hey Hannah!

    I have been looking for those boots you requested, and never found some that I liked enough to post. I did find a pair that are sort of similar, I can't seem to paste the link here, if you email me at uberchicforcheap [at] gmail [dot] com I will send you the link.

    And I can also send you a few cool DIY ideas, I love making things myself!

    Thanks for your request!