Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Story of a Rainy Day

A story of a rainy day:

7:00 a.m.
Ah darn. Turn alarm off. Put clothes on. Check weather. 90% chance of rain? I'm too dazed to think about how to dress appropriately.
Can't find umbrella. Darn. It's in my car. Too bad it's a mile away.

7:36 a.m.
I grab my backpack and run downstairs. Wait Wait Wait.

7:38 a.m.
Really smoker guy? Move away from the public bus stop trick. Ah!! Double T bus. Thank goodness. I'm cold. 

Get on bus. It looks like this:

(Minus the fun colors and filipinos)

I stand in the front and try to grip the slippery bar. TAP TAP TAP.
"Your bag is wide open." Says guy behind me.
Seriously? Could the 10 other people at the rainy bus stop not tell me this?

Woah. Woahhhhhhhh. Ah crap. I'm falling. 
I reach out my arm to steady myself. CLUNK!
Did I just elbow the girl in the head? Absolutely. Cause why could I ride the bus without elbowing a perfect stranger in the forehead??? 

I'm finally off the bus. I then spent an hour in American Public Policy. Taught by a 24 year old Ag major. (Ask me about that some other time)

I hop on Red Raider and head back to my dorm to put on rain boots. I even get a chance to eat breakfast! Who doesn't love warm grapefruit and runny scrambled eggs?

I head into Intro to Mass Communications. We start the quiz. We have 4 current even questions. I thought I did really well but then it hits me.
"What was the main topic of President Obama's State of the Union Address?" asked Prof Dean 2 minutes earlier. I answered the economy didn't I? REALLY Hannah?! In case you didn't catch my mistake, it was health care.

11:00-Rest of the Day
I walk to two more classes. I love that it is raining and 33 degrees. Just one more degree and there could be beautiful white stuff. But as my friend Say said, "In Jamaica they call rain liquid sunshine. Doesn't that change your perspective?" 

By the end of the day I look like this:

Gotta love college!

Here are some shots of what I would rather look like:

 Doesn't that look much better?




  1. My favorite post so far. Sorry about the rain and the absolute 0 amount of drainage in Lubbock that often leads to a sidewalk drenching, umbrella or not. Hope your cute boots kept your tootsies warm.