Monday, February 15, 2010

Moving On Up

I moved dorms! Two weeks ago my old roommate basically asked me to move out so she could have the room to herself. Sweet right? I thought if I was going to move out of the small dark rooms, I would move dorm buildings as well.                                                  Luckily my new friend Hales (Not her real name. Ha.) had a room to herself in the dorm with some of the biggest rooms/closets. So I moved in.                         This is my  side of the room before anything is done to it. I went home this weekend so I did not have a lot of time to rearrange or decorate yet. Or clean. Or at least straighten up. But hey! It's college. This is sort of what it usually looks like.
  This is Hales side. Her stuff is bright and cheery, and with the combination of our THREE windows, it is the cutest room ever.
  This is just to show you how big it is. Those are closets for each of us. There is also a sink/vanity to the right.
  This is a shot of my closet before I really organize it. I'm going to try to make everything look pretty and decorated this week, and put up some nice pictures!
I'm showing you this partially to show a little bit of Valentine's stuff, but also to show you how small my dorm was before. That was my closet, built in dresser, bed that pushed in to a day bed, then a built in 3 foot desk to the right. When the beds were pulled out, two roommates could reach across and hold hands while lying down.        This is actually Manfriend N's roommate and friend, K, but I'll call him 6'6".
For Valentine's Day I snuck in to the boys' dorm and spent  some time embarrassing decorating their door. The reactions of a hall full of boys whilst hanging hearts and "N + K = BFF" signs are quite diverse. I received several dirty looks, quite a few laughs, and a "you can decorate my door next and then leave your number". Once the boys discovered it, 6'6" threatened to take it down right then claiming my sign made them look fruity, for lack of a better term. :) I don't know what he was talking about? I guess some people might take BFF as Boyfriends Forever. Huh?               These pictures show their joint present of nerf guns. They can shoot each other when they get annoyed.

I'm going to work on posting at least twice a week. There is so much going on that I want to document!


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