Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And Then We Had Cake

Yesterday Hales turned 19. NINETEEN. Wow.
  Our door received some lovely decorations. They will be remaining up all week because "the party is here" all week long. Or something like that.
  Her enthusiasm for the present I got her was fun. I pretty spring blouse from Forever 21 for $4 (don't tell her i'm a cheapskate) and some yellow flower clips (yellow is her favorite color).
  Hales' mom sent her a crown and some goodie bags with mini crowns for her friends. Obviously her mom is amazing.
  Joe's Crab Shack is her favorite. Half of us who went ate chicken. At least I'm not alone in my distaste for seafood.                                                                    For her birthday she had to stand up on that chair, turn around, and spell her name with her butt while we sang Happy Birthday. I love her face in this picture! Luckily, she is courageous and spelled her name with her butt very gracefully ;)

It began to snow on her birthday! Hales, friends down our hall, and I tried a jumping picture. It failed.
This is to show you how intense the scary, icy wall we climbed onto was. That is Manfriend N peaking over and Megs and I balancing precariously. 
Isn't N sweet?
And then he rights Poop in a heart. Still sweet? ;)
Then our friend J showed up. He just got done working out but he wanted to celebrate with Hales. They wore costumes for warmth?                              Apparently they were still cold. Hence the pouts. 
We also had a Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Whoever came in had to participate. See that tail over Megs right shoulder? That's mine. Seriously.  
And then we had cake :)

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