Thursday, February 18, 2010

4 Things I've Learned

4 Things I Have Learned at Tech (so far):

4. Private colleges are not better than public ones.
        -I learn just as much at Tech as I did at Austin College. The classes, although bigger, are taught by   professors who are just as intelligent and caring about their students as AC's. Plus, we have a larger alumni circle.

3. College and my immune system are not friends.
         -Seriously. Sometimes you just gotta go to sleep. And drink a lot of Emergen-C.

2. Thou must have comfortable shoes.
        -I think it's biblical. Somewhere in Leviticus maybe? God knew how much walking us college kids would do. Arch support people!

1. You can fail a drug test by drinking too much water.
        -It's called dissolution or something. Failing a drug tests stops you from getting a job as well. FYI.




  1. Haha. what a funny post. so true too. I so miss my college life.

    love your blog dear!


  2. haha as a student graduation from high school and about to go to college, this seems extremely funny and so so true!