Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break

The second half of my Spring Break was spent at my Grandparents' house in Arizona. My whole family was able to go.

This was the third official Bergren Family Olympics as well:

First off, billiards. I beat out N. Possibly because he scratched on the eight ball, but still.

I think Dad won this event.

Next up, horseshoes. The bitter rivalry between my sister-in-law, Rebekah, and Manfriend N continued as usual this year. They have been friends/competitors since they were in elementary school. Have you ever seen such concentration?!

I won!

Our standard third event, shuffleboard, was traded for bean-bag tossing this year. Some hooligans in the 65+ community got a little wild one night and left the equipment out. Crazy kids!

I got third.

I also tied for Overall Champion. I am a beast.

The rest of the time was spent:
Riding bikes


(or pulling out the solar panels as Brother said)

Chillin with two of my favorite boys

(does it get any cuter?)

And one of my favorite girls.

There was also some jumping

And some granddaughter/ grandfather loving.

Some beautiful site seeing.

And visiting of spring training facilities.

There was also some hamming it up with my Ma.

We also went to Alice Coopers restaurant in downtown Phoenix, Cooperstown.

This think weighs 22oz. They also called it The Big Unit. Hehe.

The most important part of the trip was my Sisser turning 20.

She's probably the exact opposite of me in all the good ways possible :)

She's also my favorite because shes fun, puts up/doesn't put up with me, and has perfect tiara hair.

I love her.

Forgive me this week in advance. I have a big history test to prepare for. Anyone want to read 100+ pages of textbook, 200 pages of a fictional novel about a slave, study 40+ pages of notes, and outline 12 possible essay questions (Of which he'll pick one. Nice huh?) No takers? Figures.


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  1. So much fun! What a beautiful family! It looks like you really enjoy each other's company. Great way to spend spring break. :D Thanks also for your very sincere and sweet comments. You are a very beautiful woman, inside and out!