Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life and Skis

I took a pre-break Spring Break this weekend.
Our drive to Angel Fire, New Mexico was longer than I expected. It was very flat, but then we saw this. Mountains and a beautiful sunset.

K, Manfriend N, and Hales on the ski lift.

I was a lot better skiing this time. I even kept up with the boys on some fairly hard blues.

It was so sunny that I think I have a permanent squint from taking off my goggles.

God's beautiful creation.

We spent two days skiing and three nights eating pizza. Seriously.

College kids are gross.

On the way back we stopped at K's dairy. We saw a baby calf, and Hales milked a cow, and we climbed one of those mounds covered with white tarps and tires. Apparently those hills are piles of feed. For animals. It was very windy but it was a much needed break and it was so interesting.

K is probably going to take over owning the dairy. While he showed us around, it was odd to think that we are all coming to the point where we guess know what we are going to do with our lives.

Only three days left until Spring Break!


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  1. looks so much fun! thank god for spring break!