Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dust and Dirt

Lubbock, Texas a blessing and a curse.
Lubbock & Tech have many unique characteristics like a man made hill on campus (which is the highest point in town), a nationally #1 ranked meat judging team (Don't laugh. It brings Tech a lot of funding. Hehe), and a limited amount of trees (we actually have Arbor Day off to plant some).
Take note of the last characteristic. Our lack of trees is a contributor to another Lubbock curse blessing: Wind. And dust. Lots of dust.

I woke up this morning at 7:30 for Political Science ("Uh what?" You ask. Yes. He also expects us to go.) Anyways, I checked the weather like I always do. It said a high of 60 with a pretty little sun sitting by it. Good thing I have learned to check the wind because it was 25 to 40 miles per hour. With gusts above 40 miles per hour.

I thought these clothing choices might be appropriate:

A Texas dirt shirt so the reddish brown dirt won't dye my nice clothes. Plus who doesn't love a tacky t-shirt?


I would pair the shirt with some sturdy cargo pants because they would help me be tough enough to fight the winds. Add in some comfy moccasins (i already talked about the need for comfortable shoes), a bomber jacket and aviators just in case a wind gust makes me fly, and a leopard print headband to keep my hair out of my face.

I wore jeans and a flowered shirt instead. But at least I was more prepared than the girls with skirts on.
College Hint- Check the weather.
You're welcome.

Why The Wind Is A Curse:
1) I will develop a hump-back from bending over against the wind.
2) Squints. And squinting is not as cool as The Sandlot character with the same moniker makes it seem.
3) Dirt doesn't taste good.

Why The Wind Is A Blessing:
1) I receive a nice coating of tawny colored dirt. It is like a free spray tan! It even includes a complimentary exfoliator.
2) Walking with the wind, I can get to class 2 minutes faster. The wind helps to push me an extra 18 inches each time I lift a foot.
3) I don't have to style my hair. It is perfectly acceptable to not comb/straighten/fix your hair when you are getting swept up in dust storms all day. Cool huh?


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  1. Fab outfit! I love your blog so much, you've got such a fantastic way of writing.

    You've got a new follower :)

    Have a fab week xoxo