Tuesday, October 4, 2011

See? Better already.

Thursday, May 19, 2011
Today we went to the city and palace of Versailles. The most beautiful place in the world. The palace was ornate and stunning. The gardens were my favorite, but we only got to spend a little time there. I would love to go back with N someday.
     Then we drove back in to Paris on our charter bus and met witha  fashion stylist, Nadine. We split into two groups and it was a fiasco. Everyone got mad that we looked like tourists and we were going into places like Dior and Chanel. The other group even got accused of stealing. Then three girls from our group decided to make all the decisions and tell Dr. Fowler what they wanted to do and she just let them. Everyone had to wait on the girls, follow them around, and all of us got frustrated.
     We did get to go to Le Galluries Lafayette, a nice bazaar style departement store in Paris. I even tried on a 295 euro Eres bathing suit. It was beautiful.
      After we all finally met up (both groups) we walked along the Champs Elysees and ate/shopped. Chantal made awkward eye contact with a British man that looked like Carrot Top and he came over to wear we were sitting on the bench and asked if she needed something. She just told him that she liked his hair. Ha!
    After that whoever was tired could go home, but the rest of us went to a pretty bridge to get a good view of the Eiffel Tower at night. We watched the sun set and saw the tower when it first lit up. Every 30 minutes the lights would sparkle for 5 minutes. It was stunning. An even smaller group of us girls wanted to walk to the base. It was only 6,60 euros to ride the elevator up since we were under 25. The structure was overwhelming. So majestic. I was in awe the whole time. It felt like a fairy tale. The night was a little breezy but felt so good looking out over the city of Paris. Romantic and exhilarating and calming and dream building all at the same time.
     We rode the metro back to our little hotel (barely making the train before it shuts down at midnight). So far I think it has been the best day.
      I forgot to write about the rebellion at Versailles. All of the tour guides and guards of the rooms let everyone take pictures (usually you can take none) because there is a bug cumbersome exhibit the director of the museum put on that is making Versaille WAY to crowded. The tour guides were upset because they felt that they couldn't give proper tours this way. They were even going to go on strike on the 31st. Crazy.

Walking into Versailles. The cobblestones were uneven.

The hall of mirrors!

This is how it looked like everywhere.

Marie Antoinette's bed. Seriously.

Some of the girls in the gardens.

I could have spent days here.

It was such a beautiful day.

It was blindingly bright.

The first view of it lighting up.

Then it sparkled!

One last picture before my camera died. Just real memories at this point on.
    Such a beautiful day.


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