Thursday, October 6, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today we flew to Madrid. Most exciting thing that happened was I thought I left my camera and my new memory card at the airport. But it was just under my plane seat. 

We got on a nice bus and toured Spain's royal palace which was so cool. It had thousands of rooms and we only saw about 30. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed on the inside. Then we went to the Alumdena Cathedral which was beautiful and the stained glass was so modern. After that we just came to the hotel and napped. We are staying at the Gran Atlanta Hotel.

We ate tapas during the day. Then at night I got dressed up and went out with Chantal, Alexa, Taylor, and Alex. We went to TFIFridays, which was ridiculous but delicious. We were all just completely ready to eat something fried. 

The PDA we saw everywhere we traveled in Europe.

Some beautiful statue in green Madrid.

Spanish royal palace

Our fun tour guide

The palace

The palace

It was blindingly white

the Alumdena Cathedral

So modern


The updated way of lighting a candle. Put a coin in, it flickers for a second so you can tell, then stays lit until the end of the night.

Being goofy. And tired.

Beautiful fountains everywhere

Columbus statue

In the Spring, Madrid ships in new flowers every month!

Going out to TGIFridays

In case you want to look up the hotel ;)


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