Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today was a good day. We woke up and went to two museums: The Prado Museaum and the Treaina Sofia/ Modern Art museum. The Prado had all of the old paintings until the 18th century. Lots of kings and queens paintings. Reina Sofia and 19th century and up. Picasso, etc. I liked the Prado a lot mroe.

There were also local elections in Madrid that day. There had been lots of protests throughout the last few weeks because the unemployment rate was 20% and people don't want to see their leaders spending extensively on luxury. The conservative party won.

Later on today we went to the Gran Via area and I ate Tortilla Espana with a few girls and drank delicious sangria. Whoever wanted to join could watch a flamenco dancer group as well. Twenty five of us went to the show. The women's costumes were so cool: lots of ruffles and polka dots.

Then the male dancer came out in his suit and ascot and was moving so quickly and intensely. He was not very handsome and he wore eyeliner. All of the old women that were there were cheering though and all of us young girls couldn't stop laughing. Right at the end of his first dance he struck his pose and pointed right at me. He stared me down with his intense, "sexy eyes". Everyone could not stop laughing and saying that it was my bachelorette party since I was wearing my new white dress that I bought in Paris from a store called All Saints. Overall, it was such a funny day. 

On the way to the Prado Museum

The Reina Sofia

Some of the newer part of the modern art museum

Up close and personal with Picasso

And a hideous Salvador Dali...ew

A bright courtyard in Madrid

A voting center

Me before the Flamenco dancers. The best Sangria of the trip.

Some of the dancers

My man who fell in love with me

Me and some of my coworkers who happened to be on the trip with me

Just a little posing fun earlier in the day

I'm slowly getting there guys. Soon you'll get to hear about exciting things like the crappy queso I attempted to make and how bad I am at math. Get excited.