Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

I've been trying to figure out my schedule this week. Every time I start something new I always tell N, "I just want it be 2 or 3 weeks from now and then I'll have everything figured out." Now, I'm just trying to teach myself to be happy with where I am right now.

My least favorite moments of the week:
1) Realizing I dropped the wrong class a few weeks ago, and having to drop a new one.
2) Schedule change making me change my hours at work. No more free Thursdays.
3) Jumping in my friend's car and sitting in the seat where she dumped water. See picture above.
4) Working all weekend and pulling a muscle in my foot from standing/walking so much.

My favorite moments of the week:
1) Looking online to add a class and realizing that the only one left that I need to take this semester has one open spot left. Hallelujah!
2) I made some new friends this week. At school and at work. They are girls too. 
3) Receiving my first paycheck from David's Bridal.
4) Getting to see women pick out the dress they are going to wear on the happiest day of their lives. No matter how much work this is, it is so sweet.

Favorite (or least) moments of your week?



  1. Love this post! And loooove your outfits! Congrats on making girl friends! That's one of my goals this semester! Favorite moment of my week was seeing the boyfriend today after his 3 week long trip! Yay! Least favorite would be the waiting for him to come home orrrr the stress of school starting in a couple days with nothing ready. Hope you had a great first week of school girl!

  2. Well done on your new job!

    And what a cool one too- I would love helping people choose what to wear on their big day!!


  3. Hannah, please come to houston and be my best friend! haha

  4. Haha- that picture with the water mark made me laugh! I hate when stuff like that happens- which seems to be always! That's so sweet about women finding their dresses:) It seems like that would be fantastic to witness. Yay for the paycheck!!:)

  5. lovely outfit...such a lovely combination!