Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Delays

I've been a little slow on the posting because I've been busy getting adjusted to my new schedule this semester. Also because N celebrated his 21st birthday. His roommates took him out to a local bar and played pool and exercised his new right to purchase. Then it was my 19th birthday a week later. My mom came up to Lubbock this weekend to celebrate. She bought my groceries, and all my meals, and my gas, and still bought me a present.
These Cole Haan beauties. They are so comfortable and shiny red. Even though you can't tell from the picture.

We had so much fun together and I always get a little sad when she leaves. So thanks Mom! Oh and they bought N a soccer ball for his birthday so he can practice his skillz ;)


That's Mattie my sweet scruffy dog.

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  1. You look more like mommy everyday - I'm so very blessed to have you two in my life!