Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New Year

My first part of Christmas Break was spent celebrating Mom's birthday (as you all know), playing with my adorable niece and nephew, and making a haul Christmas morning. I received a Nook (just like my sister and sister in law!) and I love it so much already.

I wanted to add all of my pictures from the break in one post, but Blogger doesn't always recognize my new photos until a few days later. Hmph.

I made the long drive (5 1/2-ish hours) back to Lubbock today. School doesn't start for another week so there are about 5 cars in my apartment's lot even though we have about 20 buildings of apartments. It is eerily quiet.

I hope you all had a good first day of this new year. I think my only resolution is to take care of mine and N's joyfulness by intentionally planning escapes from school, new recipes to try, and places to explore. I can't wait to enjoy this year.


Read this book:


  1. School starts in a week?? Ahhh. I still have a month. Thank goodness. Although, I'm starting to get cabin-fevery. I think it just means I'm going to have to seriously get committed to some knitting projects :) Your break looks fun! I'm jealous of the nook!

  2. I bought Water today for my Snook. I mean, Hot Tottie.

    Also, I got 3G. All problems are solved.

  3. I will read Water if you'll read The Help.

  4. Always love a book recommendation!

    Happy New Year Hannah.

  5. That is a wonderful book! And happy Bday to your mom!