Friday, January 7, 2011

I Have Pins And Needles That I Am Sitting On

My first day back in Lubbock (now that it has been a week ;D ) included washing the mud that rained (one of Lbk's many perks is that it rains mud) off of N's car. It was icy so N was slipping skating around.

Later that day, I made Irish Soda bread from the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. I know. I'm pretty cool. It tasted wonderful alongside beef and veggie stew that N made using his new crock pot. In the last few pictures, he is also demonstrating how to open twist top bottles using just your forearm muscles. Another reason why I love him ;)


The bottle would be Virgil's Rootbeer. Fyi.


  1. Suuuure it's rootbeer, you crazy kiddos. Is there any way you could message me that recipe? Josh saw the bread and started drooling. When I told him it was Harry Potter bread he wanted it even more. Miss you and Nate!
    p.s. I think the video of Nate playing Dicecapedes is on his phone. Our phones are the dinosaur iPhones, no video.

  2. Aw! I missed this post. You and N are so cute- it makes me happy when you talk about things you do together! Honestly. Haha. It makes me think lovingly about my beau:) If that makes any sense at all. And that's SO cool that you and your dad's first daughter/dad date was Anastasia too! Trust me, I was getting so teary eyed writing it. Since when did we grow up so fast?? I miss those days SO much.