Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dumb Things College Kids (and other people) Say

I take the bus to and from my off campus apartment and my classes. I hear some pretty interesting conversations. For instance a week ago two strangers were talking about how much they hate reading especially those "damn" Harry Potter books:

Girl- "I only read one book my whole life it was like the sisterhood of something..."
Boy- "I couldn't remember any of those ***king wizard names either..."

Who doesn't like Harry Potter? Seriously.

The last few months I've put up with daily pot smoke leaking through my vents into my apartment from my lovey neighbors. I figured they would slow down or stop, but it has progressively gotten worse. My clothes smell, I get headaches, people that come over complain about the smell. It's bad. Our neighbors also happen to be large rowdy males. My roommate and I decided to go to the main office to complain. They said they would walk by and warn them. It has worked like a charm. They have backed off the smoking and haven't come by to threaten us.

I had talked to my boss and friend about the problem to get some older advice and she recommended the same thing. My female coworker also found out, but seemed to have more of a problem that I "told" on them. She didn't say anything though and I thought it wasn't a big deal.

Then I came into work today and was switching shifts with my male coworker. We have very different moral beliefs, but I have always been considerate and accepting towards him. And we have always been friendly. Today however he said:
"I heard you ratted out your pot smoking neighbors."
I responded with how the smoke had gone on long enough and it was negatively affecting me and it wouldn't matter if it was pot or loud music or cigarettes. It's not okay to disturb your neighbors that long.
"You could have gone to them first."
 I told him that my roommate and I did not feel safe approaching our large male neighbors for the first time to complain about their still-illegal-at-this-moment activities. And that we also made sure they weren't going to be in legal trouble. 
But my male 24 year old co-worker couldn't accept that I would not feel comfortable/safe to approach them first. He wouldn't drop it. 

I felt taken aback and confronted. I never asked him for his opinions on my life and I never insulted the (poor) choices he has made/continues to make in his life. I was also sad that now I would have to deal with this situation with not only him, but my female coworker (who told him), and my boss (since he did this at work). I sent him this text after he left:
"Adam, I am aware of your political and moral beliefs and I think you are aware of mine. I feel like these differences weren't a problem and I don't think I ever questioned yours or confronted you about them. In the future I would appreciate if you extended me the same courtesy. If any part of my life is ever your business, I'll let you know."


I think God knew I would need a pick me up after that because a really adorable couple came in and cheered me up because:
1) They were elderly
2) They still obviously adored each other
3) They will be married 60 years next week
4) They talked about dancing to big band music in the good days and winning dance competitions
5) He informed me that he served in WW2 and the Korean War and he felt that it is very important that I vote because he and others have helped to make it possible for our country to have that privilege. 

What a wonderful couple. I almost asked them to dinner. 

How do you handle people who are hurtful and nosy?


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  1. I cry. Then I cuss to Josh. Then I bury my head in Ava's wonderful daughter-smelling hair and realize that if these two love me life cannot be that bad at all. Make that red-haired brother of mine take you out on a fun date when he returns. Also, I often wonder if we are too old to just stick out our tongues at meanness. Thoughts?