Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wild West

For those of you who don't live in Texas let me introduce you to Texas Country. It is an entirely separate entity from stuff from Nashville. Tons of great bands with good followings are constantly touring. Living in Lubbock (and being closed off to anything else) we get the pleasure of having several of them pass through.

N and I got tickets for The Josh Abbott Band on Saturday night:

My roommate, TJ, was going as well so we snuck some roommate pictures in. Isn't she precious?

 Our good friend A came along with us (and crept into our photos) and I met up with my beautiful girl E. Don't we look a little sisterly in this last photo?

It's always fun to go out and dance. I love to dance. Oh and I love my lace skirt I got from Target for $4. Yahoo!


N looks so handsome with his new haircut right? What a babe.

Go listen to Josh Abbott's "She's Like Texas", "Brushy Creek", and "Oh Tonight" at least. So good.

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  1. 4 bucks at target?? Sounds like a deal! And Texas country IS the best. (;