Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stupid Things College Kids Say

The other day in the grocery store they had some gorgeous:
So I picked one up, along with a grapefruit (I was feeling a little money loaded that day,obviously, for me to get fruit and vegetables. Big spenda!)
I get to the line to check out and a 20-ish year old girl picks up the beautiful spaghetti squash and stares at it for awhile.
"I have never seen one of these before in my life."-girl
"Oh!", (WHAAAAAT? She doesn't even know its a squash?) "It's a spaghetti squash"- I politely giggle.
"Okay thanks"-girl
Then we keep on going and here comes the grapefruit. She just looks at me.
"It's a grapefruit."-me
She giggles and looks up the code to type in.

Really now? I can almost understand not knowing the squash. But you don't know what a grapefruit is?

Story 2:

I just came out of my Horticulture test. Before we began I sat in front of a football player and the girl flirting with him. They were talking about childhood sports.
"I have Child Physical Education after this. We like play games and stuff."- Flirt
"Legit. Do you get to play stuff like dodgeball?"-Footballer
"It's usually more like tag. The kids can't get pegged in the head. I love dodgeball though. Sooooo fun!"- Flirt
"Me too. I was always the kid running around and dodging the balls and sh**."- Footballer

Let me repeat that for you he was always the kid running around and dodging the balls and sh** in dodgeball. Wooooooow.

That is all.



  1. Everytime I read things that you post - it makes me miss you.

    Like a lot.

  2. I have never had great success with spaghetti squash. Both times I attempted a recipe using one I threw the meal in the trash, rare around our house. Would love some advice. On the Dodgeball thing, I think I had class with that guy once and I know that girl 'like, for sure'. Love you! Can't wait to see y'all in November.

  3. I've read this like 3 times & it still makes me laugh. That's hilarious :D I can picture your reaction to each of those scenarios and the faces you would make. Haha, I miss you!