Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Move-ing Keys

For N and I's anniversary I got him some climbing shoes. Long story, short: they didn't fit and I received a refund. We finally figured out what the replacement item should be.
The Playstation Move! It is super fun (and seemingly much more accurate than the Wii).
It has provided many a study break already.

My friend E and I also took a study break to go to a design product expo on campus. The best part: free food!

Guess what I did? Lost my car key. It fell off my climbing hook sometime yesterday and I'm afraid it went to the heaven that neighbors Lost Socksville.



  1. One time Dad lost our car keys when the fell out of his pocket on the Texas Giant at 6 Flags. Your key can't be more lost than that. I 'lost' (read: some heifer stole) my precious charm bracelet in 7th grade athletics. I learned my lesson, no more sports for this girl. Those are my only two thoughts on your loss. Here's hoping you find the key before someone creeper does...ick.