Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Interview Outfit Choice

I have a job interview at a consignment store tomorrow and I need some votes about which outfit to wear:

Option 1: Silk printed skirt and denim engineer striped shirt
Option 2: Lace top and high-waisted skirt, belted.
Option 3: Cotton ruffle dress and biggest granny belt ever ("It looks medieval"-N) with wedges

It is a pretty casual/trendy place so I don't have to be too overdressed. Sorry about the PhotoBooth pictures, but as you can see I made it to my first apartment and I'm back in Lubbock. I'll be getting a post up soon about moving back to college.

So vote now :)



  1. I'm thinking either 1 or 3. Good luck! I know it will go great :)

  2. I, the old lady of the voting public, love 2. If you don't wear it you should enlarge it and send it my way:) Good luck!

  3. I vote 2. Love you

    N :)

  4. 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Al of them look super cute though! :) I hope you have a great first day! :)

  5. wise choice, you look cute in all of it ;)

  6. Well I'm sure your interview is over already but I couldn't choose anyway. You look adorable in all of them! I hope you aced your interview!