Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Week Back

Just wanted to share a couple of snippets from my crazy week (Moved in, got sick, interviewed, got a job, worked a full day, helped new friends move in, had our anniversary...)

K's parents' puppy stayed at N & K's apartment the first night. She fell asleep watching their 50 inch plasma TV that they received as a housewarming present from K's parents. They basically have a TV and nothing else. Boys.
N got me "feel better" flowers and we had Dominoes pizza too. Yum!
My roommate TJ borrowed one of my favorite blue dresses to go dancing one night. And N's roommate K wanted to get some new "going out" shirts. I had to take the picture as quickly as possible before one of the boys stole it away. Can you tell E & N are making fun of K?

I'm still working on doing a post about my apartment. Can't wait to show you all!



  1. Yay! Congrats on getting the job! :) These pics look like lots of fun! I like that blue dress! It looks great on your friend too. :)

  2. Can I steal K's puppy? :)

    And gooood job on flowers N! I miss you two and love you so much!