Monday, August 9, 2010

College Freshmen Tips

I haven't really done a college post this summer but since I move back on Sunday (!) I thought I would share a few tips for incoming Freshman out there.

1. Do not move all of your clothes in at once. You will have limited dorm closet space.
 Examples: First, I had all of this and then the other half where the door starts. College dorm closet nirvana.
 Dorm closet two seems large, but looks can be deceiving. It was deep but not wide so even double up closet extenders that hang down didn't actually fit :(
Please excuse the boys. I just wanted to show my other closet size before I moved (yes, 3 dorms in a year). It was that small. The whole thing.

See what I mean? Don't bring everything at once.

2. Try new things. Meet new people. "Don't hang out with the same few people at first."-sister Caitlin.
At Worst College Ever (Austin College in Sherman, Texas) I found several groups of friends. I had my French class friends, my roomie friends, my Wolfpack ;), and several others. Above, one of my Wolfpack and I tried Salsa lessons. New, exciting, and different all in one!

3. "Don't go into college thinking 'I have to get a boyfriend right away.' " -sister Caitlin. Also, don't go into college thinking too much about your relationship status at all. If it is supposed to work out it will. If it isn't, then God will help you grow and change and be okay with it.
Example: N and I when I visited him at Tech.

4. So you've tried new things and packed lightly and didn't over think relationships. Now you can allow yourself to accept when something is or isn't right for you. Like your major, or your relationship, or your college in general.
Walking across campus at AC, which turned out to be the complete wrong school for me.
Happily attending a Tech game, decked out in school spirit with my best friend.

So there you have it. Way more practical than "bring x-long twin sheets".



  1. This is seriously SOOO helpful! I'm an incoming freshmen, as you know, so I'm freaking out about closet space and what to bring and what not to bring and then the whole boy thing. It's so overwhelming! I'm nervous. haha :) If you have extra tips on clothes to pack, that would be helpful too :)

    thank you! Seriously, I loved every word!

  2. i still have a while until college, but thanks for the tips! i'll have to keep them in mind when the time comes :)