Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Last weekend my family + N + me went to IKEA in Roundrock. My parents needed to order their kitchen. They really liked this one we saw at our last trip in the fall:
Except with even cooler elements. I'm excited!
My sister Caitlin, N, and I all needed some stuff to furnish our (first!) apartments. I'm posing by the dressing room that I'll be installing in my second bedroom. I kid.
I wore my new Nike cross trainers because I have feet that need to be babied and if I'm walking/standing for more than 45 minutes straight I need real live arch support. I pulled out the flares, moth belt buckle (ha!), oxford, and some pearls. Shoes:Nike, Jeans: American Eagle, Shirt: Sister's, Belt: Thrifted, Necklace:gift from my aunt.

Both N and I got some great stuff. I can't wait to move in soon. I'll be sure to do before and after shots of both N and I's apartments. 
We spent the rest of the time at IKEA playing around and taking pictures:
 What's in the fridge?
  Cooking up some grub.
 Filling up our water glasses.
 Ahh. Very refreshing.
I think a lot of couples were playing the "IKEA game" long before Tom & Summer played in 500 Days of Summer.
By the end of the day, we were all a little kooky.
What do you love (or don't love) about my favorite Swedish superstore?



  1. Was that picture supposed to embarrass me like the picture I posted of you on facebook?

    You fail.

  2. YEAH! Was that N laying on our kids new bed?! I was looking at your post and Riley came in and explaimed "Hannah. I miss her!"
    I love SO many things from IKEA. As a matter of fact, I think Ryne and I should make a trip there soon...
    Glad yall had fun.

  3. YES! I love ikea, and I play house too when I'm there. What do I love??? Mmmm... the gorgeous basicness of alot of the pieces, they make for a great canvas for all your beautiful collected items.

    Also, Billy Bookcases, enough said, they're amazing!

    Cute blog by the way xoxo

  4. i love ikea! its so cool going into all the mock rooms. :D plus the stuff is so cute.