Thursday, July 1, 2010

Caiti Dear

Today I went to the Pot O' Gold not the Golden Pot ;) with my friend Caiti. We've been friends since I moved to my small town in 8th grade.

I made a haul which included this hat for $1.25

I went to the addition/apartment that my parents are building behind their downtown office building to run some errands for my dad. It is moving along so well! It's going to be incredible!

A little shot of me on our cool exposed wall with an old ad. Shirt: Sister's, Dress: Sisters, Hat: Thrifted
This is just the start of my Fourth of July-ish outfits. The Fourth is probably my second favorite holiday after Christmas!

View of the loft and soon to be kitchen! 

Facing the outside, squares waiting for stained glass.        

View of where the spiral staircase would go.

 Better view of the loft

If you are annoyed by friend gushing then I suggest you stop reading now.
Caiti is probably one of the coolest girls you'll ever know because:

1. We make a mean set of "twins" on twin day- even if we don't actually look alike.

2. We have a lot of fun together (80's day and her oldest sister's '80s prom dress ;D )

3. Because she is beautiful however she does her hair/or whatever she wears.

4. And because she has great style and she is just the best friend ever :)

Love you Caiti and I'm glad we got to hang out today!


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  1. I love your formal dance picture! Your beige/black dress is gorgeous and I love your hair! ee! These pictures are all so sweet- it's great that you have such a close friend like this. And the apartment looks amazing! Wow! I want a hat like that :)