Wednesday, July 7, 2010


For the Fourth I joined N to visit his sister Autumn, her husband Josh, and their adorable daughter Ava at their (almost) house in Norman, Oklahoma.                                                                                           
 I wore my old lady skirt on the drive up. I felt very americana. Skirt&Belt:Thrifted $1.50, Shirt:Thrifted $2.00
Autumn let me attempt to help her make a tart. She is a marvelous chef and even has a blog about cooking called, Cooking Pink.
Check out the after shots that we ate during a Fourth of July picnic. Delicious!
There was also cream soda :)
Beautiful Ava and Autumn. Did I mention that Ava is a genius? She also informed me while pushing my hair behind my ears that "If N needs help, he'll call you." Sweet too.
Saturday the 3rd, we went to the Bricktown District in Oklahoma City. It is a really fun district with a mini river walk.
N and Ava played chase on a hill.
We had some tapas. I had really good french onion soup.
We finished off the night with fireworks.

Thanks for inviting us Josh and Autumn!



  1. I love the last picture - you're quite the photographer sometimes :) Very artsy shot.

  2. Thanks for the happy memories! Y'all are welcome any time.