Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Drive-In Date

It seems like N has virtually disappeared from my life, no? No. We just happen to live 15 minutes apart now due to our parents' darn rent houses. We finally took a little time to go on a date before I left for Colorado and he to Arkansas.

While I was waiting, I rounded up my sister to take some shots/blow some time.

N and I were going to the drive-in so I tried to be a little classic-Americana-country because that's what fits in for a drive-in right?

But basically Caiter and I were just goofing around with our rustic background rent house property: bathtub included.

Shirt: American Eagle, Shorts: Cut off by me, Belt: thrifted $3.00!!, Boots: Cavenders Boot City

Then N showed up and I forced him to get in a shot. He has his hand wrapped up because he got a 2nd degree (and some first degree) burns. He was cleaning windows on a roof, lost his balance, the ladder moved so he had to hang on until his friend rescued him. :(

We saw the new Robin Hood. We both liked it, but were almost falling asleep due to the fact that it didn't start until 11:30-ish. What they say about college kids being night owls apparently doesn't apply to us.



  1. Love the boots. They have so much character.

  2. You look great! I love your boots :)