Friday, November 20, 2009

Blue Friday

TGIF. But really I feel more like PHUS (Please Hurry Up Sunday) because that is when I get to meet my lovely parents and sister-in-law at IKEA. And who doesn't love IKEA? And their families? 

I had a long day. It started off with this morning. I am a college kid therefore I do not wash my hair as frequently as a should. To disguise the grossness (Yes, I am in college) of my strands, I usually wear a headband. I bought this one a few weeks ago from Forever 21 and wore it today:

I received a lot of compliments on it but I'm not sure how many of them legitimately like it, or they noticed I saw them staring at the huge plaid-ness of it and were obliged to compliment it. My French professor however told me she liked it so I think that makes it acceptable.

On my way back from lunch I stopped to take a few pictures. I'm still getting used to the self timer and how to set it up so I can get a head to toe shot, but it turned out okay. I'm on the phone with N (my busy schedule requires multi-tasking :D ). I look a bit silly.

I sorta like how the outfit turned out. The tights are a lot lighter in person- from Gap & gray with a bit of a pattern. I wanted to wear a belt but I ran out of time getting ready this morning. The pig tails and huge bow make me look "cute" but every once in a while that is a good thing.

Allllllllllllll that to say: I think I disguised my two day greasy hair quite well. Don't you think?

I'm still deciding on whether or not to go to a "blue out" party in 30 minutes. We wear all blue and dance and pretend finals aren't two weeks away. Too bad it's raining because the party is within walking distance, but I don't really want to drive there either. Decisions. Decisions.


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  1. I like the multi-tasking! Oh the life of a college student! And, yes. I never would have known your hair was dirty. I LOVE the headband... Do you think I can be a headband girl? I want to be. What about a boot girl?
    Not to mention Riley and Sam are dying to see you...