Monday, November 23, 2009

Hurling and Twirling

It was Preview Day today at Austin College. That means there were lots of excited seniors that were skipping a day of school to come view such a pretty, dynamic, academically-challenging, diverse school. Or that's what they think. The sad truth is the recruitment people at AC are very deceiving. Yes, it is academically challenging. Yes, it is diverse, and dynamic, and pretty. But it is so much less than that. Since I enjoy make lists of things I will make one about the negatives of AC.

3 Reasons Why Austin College Makes Me Want to Hurl:

3. There is nothing to do except study. And by study I mean an average of 6 hours per day at least 5 days a week, and that is with no procrastination. I am also not exaggerating. Plus I haven't even chosen a major yet. This is still undergraduate stuff. Grr.

2. Since there is nothing to do except study, everyone drinks. I can hear you all now "Well Hannah that is what college is." "No matter where you go there will be kids drinking." Gee thanks annoying protective grandparents! ;D I know all of these things, so do not tell me. Please and thank you. The problem is that 80% of people party. Partying at Austin College does not entail a couple of beers or a few shots and a lot of dancing. It includes completely trashed students. All before midnight. I can't even describe it. It is just awful. Everyone who doesn't party goes home on the weekends. They all try to pretend they like it here, but they don't.

1.  There is "respect for diversity" here. Otherwise known as: "as long as you belong to a minority, are not straight, have extremely leftist beliefs, and believe in anything but Christianity" you are completely accepted. I, however, am not accepted by the students. They do not understand why I choose not to drink before I am 21. They laugh at my faith, and scoff at the beliefs of Christians. In class if anything bad or negative in society is talked about, Christians get tied in somehow and receive the blame in someway. Once again, no exaggeration.

So pretty much I can not do anything fun here because everyone gets trashed so they can drown their study anxiety and depression, caused by AC, in alcohol. I can never relax or have fun or enjoy any exciting college experiences.

I said my piece, so now I am done. :)

I found my tutu at last!!

It was hard avoiding all the tour groups to get a picture!

I was laughing after twirling too much. It is hard finding an outfit to wear since Texas weather is crazy! The tights and cardigan got a little too warm for a few hours this afternoon, but I really liked my outfit today.

This is my thigh high socks from my last post that wouldn't load. It was a good cozy relaxing outfit that was also good for crazy Texas weather.

Two more days until I get to go home for Thanksgiving!



  1. Love the tutu! You look so cute!!

  2. I am so sorry that school has been such a bad fit for you. I know that you will fit in better at Tech and you will make lots of friends and they will encourage you in your faith. Hang in there! I'm really proud of you!

  3. Hy Hanna,

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  4. Hey Hannah,

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    Thanks and best regards