Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Dress/Hair

My dad told me I needed to update my blog. So here it is. Last week I was invited out dancing with a group of girls. I got this dress on super sale at Gap and I love the print. I belted it and draped the top over to make it country dancing appropriate ;)

We had a ton of fun. Slightly funny store, N's roommate K (who is of age) had a little too much to drink and his big ol' 6'5" self asked me to dance. As we're two stepping (with him taking GIANT leaps and me running to catch up) he kept telling me "Hannah, I jusssst don't know what I'd do wiffout you in college" *giggle* Seriously. He giggled. "I cou'int make any decisssions wiffout you....and doesss my breaff smellllll?" And then he spun me out way too far because he has the wing span of a Wandering Albatross. I might have collided with 3 people. Okay 5. This is probably funnier if you knew him. Just like most stories.

I am also thinking about getting my hair cut. I had it short in high school and I'm getting pretty tired of it. I'm thinking something like this:
Except not curly. Or this:
If Brooklyn Decker does it, it must be pretty cute right? 
So there's your post Dad. Love you.


  1. The second cut would be gorgeous on you. It would be really really nice with some caramel coloured higlights underneath so that they peek through when your hair moves. You have gorgeous thick hair- it would be amazing. Just a suggestion x

  2. That print is great - love the blue. And go for the short hair. I've done it a few times. Takes a while to adjust, but its fun.

    turn that frown upside down