Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Break yet?

We're already a week through March? And Spring Break is next week? Please remind me to take all my difficult classes in the Spring Semester because they go by so fast.

I am also loving my job at David's Bridal. I really enjoy all of my coworkers and I am learning a ton about how to treat people in the service industry. I think there should be a rule that people either have to work retail or food service for two months. The world would be a more courteous and kinder place. For instance, women can be ridiculous. "No ma'am. I can't personally sew you that same dress in 4 sizes larger by tomorrow, and we can't order dresses by tomorrow. Maybe you can come in more than a day in advance the next time you get married?"


At work we have a fairly strict dress code. Hems close to the knee, slacks and skirts with jackets, dresses with sleeves (or cardigans). No khaki, denim, or sandals. Makeup, hair, and nails must be presentable. It is hard to not wear the same thing over and over again. What I've worn this weekend:

 Jacket: Gap (gift from N) Blouse: Banana Republic, Skirt: saved from my friend Ashley's chunk it pile, Boots: Target (3 years ago!)

Dress: Thrifted Target (does it get cheaper?), Cardigan: thrifted Target (ha!), purple Tights: Gap, Boots: Kmart (that's embarrassing to admit, but they are so comfy)

 Apparently I've been into purple. I also wore that outfit, directly above, to church today. My hem line was a little too short for work, but I don't think anyone noticed. I also clocked in right at 1:00. Talented.

I am really glad that everything is going well for me right now, but I miss home just a little. I haven't seen my dad in two months. I think that is the longest I've ever gone and I just wish I could have a full day off with no school or work. Good thing I have two days off for Spring Break. I don't have enough time to drive home though since I'll be working 30+ hours that week. Maybe this means I'm a mini adult now?



  1. I love your outfits! That black dress is so cute! That's awesome that you're liking your job! And yeah I worked at a restaurant for a couple years in high school, and was amazed at society. It definitely makes you appreciate workers a LOT more. And I love how fast spring semester goes- it's awesome!

  2. That skirt is gorgeous - lucky you for getting it free :)

    I've had two retail jobs, and some of the stuff customers did was ludicrous.


  3. I think this outfit is so cute! Love the boots (and the honesty!)