Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I've been lying in bed the last two days. Sick and inflicted with 8 cold sores on my bottom lip. However, many moons ago, I wore real clothes like this:

                                                             Denim shirt: Thrifted, Skirt: thrifted H&M
                                                                                        Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell, Belt: goodwill, Tights: Target
I even did my hair. Woooooah.

I wore this to church. Definitely not to school today. Today I wore the same shirt I've worn the last 3 days. Gross? Probably. No one noticed because they couldn't get past the grotesque scabs on my lip.

Life Lesson #11
"Don't stare. It's rude. If you notice something different, IGNORE it."



  1. LOVE. :) You look amazing! I want those shoes! And dang it, I always look for a good denim shirt when I go to thrift stores. Lucky girl. Feel better! I'm scared I'm going to get sick soon- I haven't been sleeping enough, and stressing way too much.

    And I haven't heard of Flipped, but I'm sure I would've enjoyed it! ;) I'm going to post a Christmas wish list soon, and I wonder if we'll have more similarities... haha!

  2. Ain't nothin' better than a Jesus lover :)

    You and your blog are seriously too stinkin' adorable for words! Those tights.. HOLY CUTE! I want some :)

    Can't wait to keep reading dear!

  3. I adore those tights. On another, more important, note: feel better!! Cld sores are dreadful, especially when piled on top of being sick.