Monday, December 13, 2010

Interview Outfit Choice Part Two

I don't think I want this to necessarily become a regular post, but here I am needing some votes again on an interview outfit. I'm interviewing at David's Bridal tomorrow. They dress very professionally, hence the black skirt. Please leave some comments and some prayers.

Option A:

(Please ignore my bad pictures. Camera is still broken.) Maroon blouse with large buttons- Banana Republic

Option 2:

Blue flowered blouse with lace-Target

Option 3:

Blue diamond blouse- Tucker for Target

Option 4:

Orange polka dot tie-front blouse-Tucker for Target

The manager informed me to "dress as your best and as though you are already working here". It is also going to be 75 degrees tomorrow. After I pick the outfit, I will even add some jewelry and do my hair and makeup.

Now I'm going to get ready for my new friend to come over to help me sew an apron. Then I am going to study later. 

Please pray for my grandfather. My mother's father, Sam, lives in Arizona with my grandma, Lynne, and yesterday he had a heart attack. Apparently he is stable and doing okay right now, but his kids are flying in to check in and be there for him and my grandma. He's the best grandpa ever so I need even more prayers for him.



  1. So sorry about your grandpa. Your family is in our prayers. As far as the outfit goes, I really love Option 4. I'm quite the sucker for polkadots, though. Best of luck!

  2. I would vote either the blue diamond blouse or the polka dots. :) Will be thinking of your grandfather.

  3. You're in my prayers!

    I think the top picture- the maroon is the best! Make sure and wear that lovely smile and good luck!

  4. Ok. So you know how I love Polka Dots, but I think that is my second choice... Wow. I know. I say #1 and spaz it up with fun jewlry. -Can't wait to see you!