Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hunger Games

Many of you have asked how I'm feeling, and physically, I'm much better. Cold sores have started to go away much faster than usual. Mentally, I'm a little drained.

Isn't it hard when you know:

1) You work really hard to get approval.
2) You know you can do a better job than someone else.
3) That someone else is mean, childish, and undermines you.
4) When you have finals that you could really care less about.

The first three really bug me and I actually have to do something about them. The last one is just silly and I have to get over it. I really only have 2 major projects due Tuesday and Wednesday and a small project due Thursday and then 1 final the next Wednesday and then I'm done!

I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

All I've really wanted to do is listen to my audio books. I've been listening to:
SO good. Seriously. 
I'm on to the second book already.

What books are you reading/listening to?



  1. I've heard the hunger games is AMAZING. It's on my winter reading list haha. I can't read during the school year.. but I LOVE The Shack, Water for Elephants, and the Lightning Thief series... I'm a readaholic when I get started. Good luck on your projects, girl! I'm sure you'll do wonderful!

  2. I'm going to need the full details of #s 1-3. I'm a sad, lonely law widow. Call and fill me in, k? I just finished The Girls of Murder City (true story behind the musical Chicago). A pretty good read. Currently I'm devouring (read-staying up until 2am to read) The Help. It is soso good. Makes me want to go back to Mississippi in the 60's and raise some hell.