Sunday, April 11, 2010

Prom Flashback

It was prom last night in my hometown. I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane.

My freshman year, N asked me to the Junior/Senior prom. This was both of N and I's first time going to prom.
I searched for forever to find a dress. I found this one in JC Penney's for $26. I was 14 so I think this is definitely appropriate. N and I call this our "Prom-y Prom" year. You know, matching tie and vest, hair half up-half down etc.

This was N's senior year, so he asked me to go once again.
I found this dress at Group USA for $110. I really wanted the mermaid shape, but there were not a lot of options in that style (for my budget at least). I really loved N's all black tux and my corsage that year, but this year is probably my least favorite dress wise. Strapless just isn't my favorite.

This year was my favorite! It was my Junior/Senior year so I invited N this time ;) I found this dress months in advance. It's BCBG Maxazria. It was $250. Expensive for me. The pictures from this year did not do N and I justice. I think we both looked really classic and beautiful.

The back was what really sold it for me. Prom was the only part of high school that I liked. Ha!

What were your prom/s like?



  1. My proms were not so magical. I really wish I'd just gone with a fun group of girlfriends, or that I'd had a fun group of non-drama girlfriends...hmm, maybe the back of your junior/senior prom dress was MY favorite part of high school too. Even so, do you really want high school to be the best years of your life? Praise the lord they aren't. Life just gets better with time, especially when you're on the journey with someone you love.

  2. I love this stroll down memory lane. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to prom with ones they love for forever. How special! (I have to admit, I so went and pulled out old pictures of Ryne and I after I read this post ha) - Oh and REALLY love the picture from your date on the previous post :)

  3. Love all your Prom dresses...the last one is my favorite! :)

    Always so pretty!!