Monday, April 12, 2010

Male Collegiate Camouflage

I promised you a second excerpt of Hannah's Collegiate Guidebook Spring 2010 Edition and the time has come.

Male Camo:
The Male Collegiate Camo is 1/3 part 80's yuppie, 1/3 Jersey Shore tacky, and 1/3 preppy fisherman. Intimidated by this combo? Don't be. It is extremely easy to replicate.

All you need is:

1) One pastel colored button up with chest pockets. (Academy Sports & Outdoors)
2) A pair of short, pleated, khaki shorts.
3) The ever present/ uni-sex Wayfarers. Preferably worn with a sunglasses chain so you can not lose them.

4) Boat shoes. Bonus points for gaudy prints like this pair with diamonds and $ signs.

And for evening escapades, just add one of these to your jeans:
You can't go wrong with a black tee, sequins, weird graphics, and tacky hearts.

Now that you know how to attain the Perfect Male Collegiate Camo, go forth and puke blend in!



  1. As an old lady living on a college campus I can verify your male and female camo. A few comments: 1) the exercise shorts in your female version are NOT to be worn to actually work out. The gym requires skin tight clothing that show every roll you're trying to conquer. 2) you get bonus points if your v-neck t shirt is longer than your exercise shorts, way classy. 3) the guy in the white suit in your first male camo picture was at law prom...seriously, except he was wearing the Wayfarers pictured later in your post. Glad to know it's not just the Okies who have adopted this style of dress. Keep the witty blogs coming!

  2. this is hilarious - sooo true!

    also, i have a giveaway on my blog - come check it out!